Wednesday, July 04, 2007

If Right-wing Talk Radio Hosts Were Alive in 1776

After reading I wondered what the talk radio hosts of the day would be saying about the founding fathers and their comments about the king?

"King George is the kind of guy you can have an ale with!"

"With this "Declaration of Independence" (a fancy name for treasonous whining if you ask me), Hancock and his ilk will be forcing the King to send more of his troops HERE. If these whiners don't like the rules they should go to England and fight them there instead of bringing the battle here! Hancock's actions will embolden the King's troops! Hancock is the wealthiest man in New England. Hancock Manor, with it's massive brownstone walls, made out of imported granite sits in the snootiest spot on the top of Beacon Hill. Yet he pretends to care about the good of all the people? Balderdash!

"Did you notice that fancy signature that HandCOCK made? I'm not saying he is light in his buckled boots buttttt...

Has anyone noticed what an expensive wig he has? The fancy gold braid on his coat? How snugly his breeches fit? Put it all together folks. Expensive wig, tight breeches, flamboyant handwriting? I'm just saying..."


scoutprime said...

Hancock got $400 haircuts


3:06 PM  
Mookie said...

Ha! Classic.

8:11 AM  
W.D. Russell said...

What is wrong with those Americans? Don't they realize that the King is only trying to bring Democracy and the respect for law abd justice to those heathens and savages? Why do they let a handful of insurgents cause such chaos?

8:52 AM  
Batocchio said...

Haha! Well played!

11:45 AM  
Douglas Watts said...

Well done, Spocko.

John Hancock was sort of a rich stooge for Samuel Adams, who need his money and his ability to sway the rich merchants of Boston to side with the anti-Crown movement Samuel Adams was building.

This is probly one major reason why Samuel Adams had all of his personal papers burned upon his death. He did not want people to know how much he had manipulated and played people like John Hancock.

11:44 PM  

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