Monday, July 02, 2007

Even Paris Hilton Went to Jail

From my clever friend dave™©

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dave™© said...

I am honored, sir!

Hope they see it down KSFO way...

8:15 PM  
Jim said...

Oh no! The comparison to Paris. I had hoped Spocko would have risen above it. If you want to see who pardoned who check out what the last president did:

from the same page you can compare that to what Bush has done. Also consider that what Libby did, according to the person that authored the law covering CIA personel, was not a crime as Plame did not qualify! Bush didn't pardon (as he should have) he only commuted (once again proving he's a worthless president.

8:57 AM  
Metro said...

And jim applies the same tortured, twisted logic as the Bush administration:

He starts with the "Well, Clinton did worse" argument then proceeds to "and it really wasn't a crime anyway."

What Libby did, what he was charged and convicted for, was lying to the FBI agents investigating the case. But, according to jim, that's not really a crime.

You don't like the Paris Hilton comparison? How about Martha Stewart? For lying to the FBI about her knowledge of insider trading, Martha spent nine months in the crowbar hotel.

Now would you say, jim, that lying about something that was a matter of national security is better than lying about insider trading?

But I forgot--lying to the FBI isn't a crime.

So Lewis Libby gets away with a fine, which I misdoubt some Republican "patriot" will pay him as a "consulting fee."

Meanwhile, people not convicted of any crime languish in American jails, some of them being tortured, in some cases for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This administration is a disgrace, and the sooner Cheney and his co-crooks are impeached, the better.

As it is, I'm offering $500 at two-to-one that Bush pardons Libby before he slimes out the White House door in 2009.

I say send Libby to Gitmo for treason. And Bush should rot in the cell next door for selling so cheaply everything that made American justice admirable.

11:14 AM  

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