Sunday, July 15, 2007

Even the Ghosts are Angry

When this administration is even pissing off ghosts, you know they have gone too far. We are talking Supernatural Anger. Spiritual Pissed Offedness. Non-corporal Rage.

This post from Hume's Ghost says what I sense a lot of people are feeling and thinking. For some the most recent trigger event was the commutation of Libby's sentence and the obstruction of justice that it revealed. For Hume's Ghost the item that sent his non-corporal self around the bend was the report that al Qaeda is back to pre-9/11 strength levels.

How much money was spent and blood was shed to get us back to square one? And these same "experts" who are suppose to be fighting this war on terror, now want to go after Iran? As the kids say, WTF?

Below is Hume's Ghost post. He's not feeling friendly toward the White House these days. (Sounds like someone's due for a haunting.)

The angry "left"

We all know this meme. The unhinged "left" blogsophere is full of nothing but anger and vitriol. And uses foul language. You know what I have to say to that?

You're god damn right I'm angry. And if being critical of the Bush administration is now what the word "left" connotates .... fine I'm "left" and just about every sane person in the world should be "left".

What am I so angry (actually, not angry - furious, irate, livid, indignant, etc - are words that better describe my mood) about? For 6 years, this administration and its cheerleaders in the noise machine have questioned the patriotism of anyone who did not blindly accept nearly every aspect of its so called "war on terror." Michelle Malkin says that we are ostriches putting our heads in the sand, pretending that their is no terrorist threat. In 2004, Neil Boortz openly wondered who was more dangerous: al Qaeda or John Kerry voters. Karl Rove has told us that Democrats want to appease terrorists. Ann Coulter has said that "liberals" are treasonous by nature, and Dinesh D'Souza has called "the cultural left" the "enemy at home." Rush Limbaugh has declared that Democrats are at war with America. Bill O'Reilly says that the "s-p" media wants us to lose in Iraq, and Malkin and co. have accused at one point or another pretty much every non-noise machine agent of the media to by guily of treason. [Blogger's Edit - And Charles Krauthammer, columnist for - in the words of Michelle Malkin - the "Pulitzer for Treason" Washington Post "diagnosed" Bush critics as being mentally deranged.]

When we object to the President illegally spying on US citizens we are accused of not wanting to pursue the terrorists. When we complain about our leaders authorizing torture and abandoning the human rights standards that the USA helped champion after WWII in order to prevent the horrors of the Holocaust from ever happening again we are told we hate America.


Now we have a report that has come out saying that al Qaeda is back to pre-9/11 strength levels. You're god damned right I'm angry. I've been betrayed. This nation has been betrayed. With unprecedented approval ratings after 9/11, President Bush embarked on a purely partisan political campaign to use the attacks to consolidate power for the conservative movement and to achieve the ideological goals of the PNAC crowd that has designed his foreign policy.

Six years after the attack and what do we have to show for it?

Good question. Read the rest here.



How would you feel about a post on the corruption of language in politics? The neo-cons outflanked us for years, and I am hoping we will have this opportunity to be better prepared and bite back. About the problem of language, Wiki has fairly good list of logical fallacies, always the building blocks of propaganda, but no list would be complete without the so-called Freudian Defense Mechanisms. A modest contribution:

Denial - a failure to recognize an obvious consequence like a mismanaged war in Iraq, a incompetent secretary of defense, a corrupt attorney general, or a World Bank chairman with a conflict-of-interest problem;

Dissociation – a politician who campaigns on claims of “integrity in government” but violates laws, treaties, and the Constitution itself, and advances oppressive and illegal policies in the name of “Freedom and Democracy;”

Projective Identification - attributing one’s own bad behavior to another, as in violating the Constitution while calling your opponents “disloyal” and “unpatriotic; or perhaps a more specific example -- calling your opponent a “tax and spend liberal” while rewarding fat-cat cronies with no-bid contracts and racking up the largest budget deficit in history;

Splitting – an inability to see the world in subtle shades of grey but only in terms of “all black or all white,” as in “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists;”

Symbolization – invoking something positive to suppress something negative, i.e., defending a pre-emptive war with claims of “defending freedom and democracy” because all other arguments have proved false [like claims about WMDs that never existed and supposed meetings between Saddam and al-Qaeda that never happened];

Conversion – when a former “wet drunk” turns into a “dry drunk” but continues to engage in reckless behaviors without forethought as to consequences;

Outliar – This is not a pun about statistical aberrations, but an observed habit of a bogus POTUS who assuages the public with reassuring claims while masking more sinister motives. Example: “I am a uniter [sic], not a divider.” Result: the bogus POTUS positioned himself to become the most divisive politician in our nation’s history.
I feel it is important to do this work now so we don’t get sandbagged and suckered again as the 2008 election approaches. [Entre nous: It is widely rumored that Rudy Ghouliani is consulting with Karl Rove on his election campaign. Expect the same political smoke-and-mirrors as we have been forced to endure from the current regime.]

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DareDiego1967 said...

Hey Spocko great blogs ...We must unite with Josh Wolf and network, it is up to us to stop the mad machine of the neo cons.

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lorraine said...

that pretty much says it all, and very forcefully. it is hard not to feel despair...are we ever going to get beyond the damage that bush and his enablers have done?

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