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The Supplier of the Tainted Wheat Gluten in Pet Food is from China

So the FDA has revealed the name of the company in China that has provided the Tainted Wheat Gluten that has gone into pet food. (FDA link)

It's Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology
Development Company Ltd.

Wangdian Industrial Zone, Peixian, CN-32, China

(Spocko Note: it's not Xuzhou anything or annoying, but Anying!)

I've done a little home work and found a contact name number for the company. (Spocko says: Follow the people as well as follow the money!)

Any smart bloggers/journalist with Chinese language skills following this may want to call them and find out who is the US distributor(s) or importers and can get a list of who buys their product directly (Big pet food manufacturers often buy direct) Did any of this go into a human food supply? Have they contacted all the companies that bought it? Is that a problem? Can we get that list of companies? Why or why not?

Company Name: Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co, Ltd
Contact Person: Kaipin Liu
Address: Wangdian Industrial Pei County Jiangsu P.R. XuZhou JiangSu
Zip: 221600
Telephone: 86-516-89741888
Fax: 86-516-89741156
Web Site:

They also might want to talk to the FDA people who created the alert
Cathie Marshall, CVM, HFV-232, 240-276-9217 and Linda Wisniowski, DIOP, HFC-172, 301-443-6553

Also, I noted that the Netherlands might be a place that this gluten flows through on it's way to other countries. (Does this mean there is a load on a dock in the Netherlands?) I have a reader in the Netherlands who might want to track this down too. (I love those people almost as much as I love Canadians!)

How the Pet Food Makers Should Have Responsed

Now if I was a pet food manufacturer (or a supplier of a safe wheat Gluten and SAFE food) I would be working my ass off to prove to MILLIONS of scared pet owners that MY FOOD IS SAFE. It has to be INDEPENDENTLY tested in a way that I can prove it to the owners and the Vets. (They won't trust YOUR tests, get a third party trusted source. And I don't think they are trusting the FDA at this moment either)

Sure it might cost some money to prove it. But it is a HUGE opportunity for the smart companies because they can get ALL the business from the companies that appear to care first about what Wall Street thinks and last about what their customers with pets think. (And by the way, don't any Wall Street types have pets?)

The companies that figure this out first and communicate it best and fastest will get a fierce loyalty from the customers. Small makers have the edge here. Move people!

These wheat protein distributors and pet food companies should be thinking TYLENOL LEVEL response. People's pets are that important.

I'm happy to see that the Democrats have jumped on this and demanded an investigation of the pet food crisis. Dick Durbin and Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, held a press conference on Sunday. Yeah! (And remember, the right wing radio types hate Dick Durbin, but he obviously cares about your cats and dogs like you do. So keep that in mind when you wonder who is REALLY looking out for your family!)

And remember that the FDA got so much pressure to put politics first and science last that the highest ranking Food and Drug official, Susan Wood, resigned in Sept. 2005. It was over Plan B, but it shows that right-wing politics rules the FDA. She said, "I can no longer serve as staff when scientific and clinical evidence, fully evaluated and recommended for approval by the professional staff here, has been overruled "

Keep that in mind when you are calling for an investigation into this issue.

For great updates check out these bloggers:

Poop City (
that's New York, I didn't name it that, they did!)

Here is the FDA Alert


TYPE OF ALERT: Detention Without Physical Examination

(Note: This import alert represents the Agency's current guidance to FDA field personnel regarding the manufacturer(s) and/or products(s) at issue. It does not create or confer any rights for or on any person, and does not operate to bind FDA or the public).

PRODUCT: Wheat Gluten

PRODUCT CODES: 02F[][]08 Wheat gluten 02E[][]06 - Wheat flour gluten 71M[][]01 wheat gluten

PROBLEMS: Poisonous or deleterious substance Unsafe food additive



COUNTRY: See Attachment

MANUFACTURER/ FEI#: See Attachment

CHARGES: The article is subject to refusal of admission pursuant to section 801(a)(3)in that it appears to bear or contain a poisonous or deleterious substance, which may render it injurious to health [Adulteration, section 402(a)(1)]" (Oasis Charge Code; POISONOUS)


The article is subject to refusal of admission pursuant to section 801(a)(3)in that it appears to bear or contain a food additive that is unsafe within the meaning of section 409 [Adulteration, section 402(a)(2)(C)(i)]" (Oasis Charge Code: UNSAFE ADD)

RECOMMENDING OFFICE: Division of Compliance, CVM (HFV-230)

REASON FOR ALERT: In March 2007, FDA became aware of the illness and death of cats and dogs associated with certain pet food. Subsequently, samples of the implicated pet food were analyzed and found to contain melamine. The consumption of pet food containing melamine may be associated with acute renal failure in cats. Investigations have revealed that the source of the melamine was wheat gluten which is an ingredient in the pet food. The attachment to this alert includes manufacturers whose wheat gluten products have been found to contain melamine.

GUIDANCE: Districts may detain without physical examination, products offered for importation from manufacturers and shippers listed in the Attachment to this import alert. Report wheat gluten samples found positive for melamine to Cathie Marshall, CVM, Division of Compliance, HFV-232, at (240) 276-9217.

Appropriate screening criteria have been set for wheat gluten from China and the Netherlands, as a country through which transshipping of Chinese wheat gluten may occur. Sampling has been recommended. Recommendations for detention without physical examination of firms with violative product should be forwarded to DIOP, HFC- 170.

For questions or issues concerning science, science policy, sample collection, analysis, preparation, or analytical methodology, contact Tom Savage, Division of Field Science, at 301-827-1026.

To enable the agency to assess whether the firm has identified the source of the problem, and has taken the appropriate steps to correct and prevent future occurrences, FDA recommends that a firm requesting removal from detention without physical examination provide the following information:

1. a. Results of the firm's investigation(s) into the problem of melamine contamination

b. Documentation showing corrective action(s)such as:

i. a description of the process(es) currently being used ii. verification that the process is adequate iii. measures that have been taken to prevent recontamination

c. Copies of three (3) production records showing the process, quantities processed, lot numbers and dates of processing.


d. Documentation showing that a minimum of five (5) consecutive entries have been released by FDA based on third party laboratory analyses that show the shipments of wheat gluten do not contain melamine.

All requests for removal from DWPE should be forwarded to DIOP,(HFC-170) which in turn will forward the requests to CVM (HFV-230) for evaluation.


FOI: No purging required

KEYWORDS: Feed, pet food, melamine, wheat gluten

PREPARED BY: Cathie Marshall, CVM, HFV-232, 240-276-9217 and Linda Wisniowski, DIOP, HFC-172, 301-443-6553


Firms and products currently under detention without physical examination


Firm: Date DWPE Product /Code:

Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology
Development Company Ltd.

Wangdian Industrial Zone, Peixian, CN-32, China
221623 FEI# 2000023594

What do they supply and who are they: From Tradelinkup

we can supply Vital Wheat Gluten Here are brief introduction of our company: Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co, Ltd was founded in 1995, which located in Pei county, Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, and the transportation is very convenient. Our company is a multiplex technological private enterprise with research, production, distribution, which exports biologic feed, feed additive, wheat gluten meal (wheat vital protein) fresh preserved vegetables and so on. wheat gluten meal is also named vital wheat gluten. The flour is used as its raw material, and from which extracts a light brown natural grain powder through intensively processing. It is a good solubles protein, containing fifteen amino acid essenti

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Why is Canada buying wheat from a country that cannot support their own food needs? There is really something wrong when it's cheaper to buy wheat from across the world then from across the street. Since Menu is a Canadian company did the canadian equivalent of the FDA notice anything wrong in the pet food?

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sounds like Showa Denko Tryptophan all over again.

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