Monday, April 16, 2007

People who Miss the Point. Swearing edition

Miss Manners often starts off her response to people Gentle Reader. Some how I don't think that S T is a Gentle Reader. (I'm not going to put his name up here because it is too easy to spoof email addresses. If this person wants to identify himself using the type of scholar he was in college I'll put up his name. Until then he's S.T.)

Note: X-rated language in the email below.

This was a response to my post on "Who would Jesus Shoot" below.

from S T<> 4:13 pm (1 hour ago)
to spockosemail @
date Apr 16, 2007 4:13 PM
subject Jerking off to Mass Murder

Hello You Sick Fuck,

You are not just a moron, you are a sick, sanctimonious pervert. You've taken the opportunity presented by a mass murder to lecture us all on what a sainted fuck you are.

Getting your jollies from jerking off to this tragedy is incredibly sick shit.
We know that you are a fucking saint.

Jesus, you might be the dumbest, sickest motherfucker on the web. And, .that's really saying something.


I think that S.T. doesn't really understand my point. We are always being lectured to by the NRA on exactly how we should have guns in our society. That is their opinion and they are very good at explaining that to us all the time. And it is only during the height of a tragedy that they back down. Why? Now is the time for them to come forward and talk to the people who are feeling the pain.

I think they need to face them now.

BTW, Brian Sussman's response to this? We need more guns on campus.

So Mr. Sussman is lecturing me on what to do in response to this (on the commercially supported broadcast radio). That is HIS response to this tragedy. He is blaming the states and campus for not voting for laws that allow more guns.


Interrobang said...

Incidentally, it's worth pointing out that this is looking more and more like a case in line with the Montreal Massacre or the Amish school shooting, since the gunman in question had apparently been looking for his girlfriend, with lethal intent. The first shootings, in which the girlfriend's roommate and residence proctor were shot, were ignored for two hours by the university authorities, on the grounds that they were a "domestic incident," and that the perpetrator likely had fled the campus. (Part of me is sitting here going, "Huh? Some guy shoots two people in one of your residences, and you don't tell anyone or send anyone home?!")

I guess an actual reaction isn't worth the time, if it's only a "domestic incident," since it's not like anyone worth anything (that is, anyone with a penis, apparently) is actually in danger.

Whoever decided to keep it low-key and made that first "domestic incident" call is now responsible for the deaths of 30 (more) people. Way to go.

Do we even have to point out at this juncture in the narrative that thinking it's ok to shoot your girlfriend because you're mad at her qualifies as misogyny?

10:15 PM  
Metro said...

Instapundit started with the "Well if the students had been armed" schtick.

I think it's time for a new deal on guns. The Second Amendment needs amending. It's as outmoded as the Eighteenth.

But I'll happily offer another deal to the people who really think more guns are the solution.

Open it wide: sell guns everywhere (not just parking lots, tent shows, and high-school playgrounds).

However, every time someone shoots dead five or more people, one NRA member has to volunteer to be shot dead.

If this seems unfair, I will volunteer to turn it around: If the US enacts serious, real, toothy gun control legislation, we shall wait ten years for it to take real effect. Then I will step up and volunteer to be shot as soon as someone with a legally held firearm kills five or more people.

To stand behind a podium and spout the same ol' NRA crap takes a special kind of nerve, almost Hestonian.

I really would like to see a gun-car-and-penis size survey of the NRA. Bet we'd see something interesting.

1:25 PM  
NWJR said...

"I really would like to see a gun-car-and-penis size survey of the NRA. Bet we'd see something interesting."

Thus proving the point that when one has no valid argument, one must resort to ad hominem attacks.

5:39 AM  
Metro said...

What it actually proves is that when people are so determined to pretend that more guns are the solution instead of the problem, it takes a poke at their collective manhood to get any reaction at all.

7:48 AM  
Dr. Zaius said...

Not only should the students carry their own guns, but they need to start carrying explosives as well. Check out this guy. They probably ought to start wearing body armor, too. Sorry, no room for books. Hey, this is just like the army! What's with the uniform and the combat boots? Wait a minute... Oh, poop! What a dirty trick! Get me outta here! I want a student deferment!

12:18 AM  
Bloggawa said...

Gun Crazy!!!!

6:48 PM  

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