Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Orleans to Bush: "We Rebuke You!"

New Orleans Needs Federal Aid, Not Presidential Photo-Ops.

Mr. President: Katrina Survivors Do Not Welcome You, We Rebuke You!

We live in a devastated city and you are a big part of the reason why it sill sits in ruins. Your administration has abandoned our children by savaging their public schools. Your administration has tortured our working class people by refusing to reopen the city’s public housing developments. And your administration is fully complicit in placing our uninsured in harms way by ruthlessly pursuing the privatization of local public healthcare in the aftermath of Katrina. And, finally your administration is guilty of sending our sons and daughters of to war for oil and empire just when we need them most to help us rebuild our community.

Mr. President, we, Katrina Survivors all, do not welcome you to our city, we rebuke you!

Sponsored by Survivors Village, United Front For Affordable Housing.

(504) 587-0080

If you have a blog please consider posting this today.

via Scout Prime at First Draft and via Humid City

BTW, even if you are a 5th tier blogger with 2 readers still post this. Why? Because the main stream press look at stuff in aggregate. As in "200,000 blogs wrote about New Orleans rebuking the President." It's a simple step. Do it. Don't cost ya nuthing.

For me this stuff is personal. Two relatives were directly impacted by the flooding.
I'm not forgetting about this, neither should you.

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CatBoy AKA Charles said...

I am one of those low-level bloggers, although currently I have at least 4(!) readers.

And I will post this on my blog.

1:24 PM  
spocko said...

Thanks Charles. Also if you use tags for you post be sure to add rebuke and Bush and New Orleans and Katrina

2:03 PM  
CatBoy AKA Charles said...

I just posted it, but will edit it to include those tags.

2:13 PM  
ellroon said...

Done! Go Spocko!

2:34 PM  
Loki said...

AS the original poster I would like to add the following: the protest itself was pretty dismal (I'll be posting pics soon), but Spoko's point about search engines and aggregates has me thinking. DRagging it up in the search engines is an even more effective rebuke in the long run. We should keep this rolling.
I think the title will be my new tag line!

Thanks to all for helping spread the meme!!

8:03 PM  
Deacon Barry said...

I've posted this on my blog. Hope it makes a difference.

8:52 AM  
geor3ge said...

OT: Thanks for name-dropping Steve Mitchell over at Eschaton. I got pulled away from the 'puter in a hurry so I couldn't continue the discussion.

10:33 AM  

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