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Melanie Morgan of ABC Disney Radio Uses Parent's Grief to Sell Mattresses

Yesterday Melanie Morgan and ABC Disney Radio station cynically used the anger and grief of a dead soldier's parent to sell more Sleep Train mattresses, mortgages, carpet from Home Depot, cars from Mercedes Benz, pick-ups from Dodge, and fast food from Burger King and McDonald's (all current KSFO advertisers).

How? By using the TV media's need for visual conflict narratives about the war and the personal cost to people and twisting it to show anger at peace activists who created a memorial in Lafayette to the dead soldiers in Iraq. I have to hand it to them, it was perfect for TV. ( If only that burly activist had smacked down that gray haired senior citizen! BTW, I wonder what Yellow Elephant unit he serves with?)

The TV media lapped it up. Link to ABC coverage of the "Cindy Sheehan Stalking Posse"
Kind of sick eh?

You can really hear the smugness in the KSFO ABC/Disney employee's voices over their media "coup" this morning.

They are SO PROUD of themselves. You see folks, when the right uses the anger and grief of parents over the death of a son to attractive media attention they MAKE MONEY ON IT! They really showed Cindy Sheehan how it was done! Way to go ABC/Disney!
NOTE: ABC/Disney is neck deep in this stunt, the rally was at the ABC studios, it's all over KSFO's website and Morgan promoted it in her dual role as ABC Disney radio employee "talent" as well as Move America Forward's Chairwoman.
  • I wonder if Morgan's constant begging for donations for MAF during the show counts as a trade-out? Did the "charity" MAF pay for that air time? Or since this is clearly sponsored by ABC/Disney and Morgan is both the MAF chairwoman and an ABC employee, is the promise that revenue will be realized after the promotion results in media coverage which will supposedly lead to hirer ratings? I'm sure the financial wizards will figure it out.

This morning Lee, Mel and OV were simply GIDDY over how they pulled one over on the TV media coverage of the "Cindy Sheehan Stalking Posse". Of course two seconds later they showed their contempt for TV media. (Note to TV news directors: they only say they will respect you in the next day, but they DON'T. Remember this the next time they call to use you. Have some self respect. )

Why so GIDDY at ABC/Disney station KSFO? Well in January they were finally called on their YEARS of violent rhetoric and anti-Muslim talk in a way that DIDN'T lead to positive PR or ratings. For once they paid a financial price for their extremist, violent views. They were revealed as unsafe for decent advertisers and sponsors. And this made them angry. ("You wouldn't like me when I'm angry"- Bruce Banner)

How DARE anyone challenge their control of the nation's media! With this story they wanted to show those nasty bloggers how to do it, OLD SCHOOL!

They sure showed us!

How did they do it? That's a good question for ABC7 KGO News Director Kevin Keeshan. I'm a only half human, so maybe I'm missing something, but I'll provide brief guide for the kids in school who are joining us:

1) Get yourself an AM radio station license. Use resources of your corporate parent (Disney) to promote your violent rhetoric and fool advertisers into thinking you are family friendly radio.

2) Create a "non-profit, non-partisan" group for quick cash to pay your PR firm. IMPORTANT TIP, call it a charity so the suckers members can get a tax deduction (don't tell them it won't be used just for cookies for soldiers but also for endorsing an independent Kurdistan, endorsing Republican candidates and attacking their critics) If necessary, do trade out ads with tax attorneys to make sure it's legal.

3) Create a conflict. The more visual the better. Use lots of ACTUAL emotional words like "conflict" and "desecration" so that listeners will get angry and be ready to rumble.

4) Get help from the right-wing bloggers. Go to the ALWAYS reliable hater, Michelle Malkin, for unconfirmed rumors of upcoming potential desecration to justify your OUTRAGE. Malkin is the preferred inciter these days since Ann Coulter is out of favor.

5) Get your "charity" PR firm to promise the TV media, "There's going to be trouble! There will be lots of flags and parents of dead soldiers to interview." Promise a couple of parents who are in FAVOR of the war, to "balance" the hundreds who are against it who WON'T be available for interviews.) Get the NRA involved, hint about violence. Be sure to remind the ONE TV station that accurately covered your suppression of a blogger critic, over a bogus copyright claim, that "YOU OWE US! YOU have to be BALANCED!" Use their feelings of guilt to get them to cover the story. Play on their desire to watch a peace activist get beat up by an angry grieving parent.

6) Place flags in hands of parents of dead soldiers. (Kudos to MAF for use of Mom, kid and flag!)

7) Invite media to the spot on slow news mid-morning, provide "in your face" action you promised/threatened

8) Media covers "event" positions it as pro-troop not as "Cindy Sheehan Stalking Posse"

9) Sell mattresses! Sell Hamburgers!

10) Profit!

Rinse and repeat in 25 cities! WHEEEE!

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TonyP said...

There is some confusion here. The guy in the picture is Scott Conover who took down the name of his son from a cross at the memorial. He did not come out as a sympathetic character in the video. The lady he was accosting is the owner of the land on which the memorial stands.

12:57 PM  
Mr. said...

Yeah TonyP I'll correct that. The guy who I was refering to was in the video was holding a sign and a Little Old Lady made a comment. THAT was the guy I meant might be a Yellow Elephant recuit.

1:21 PM  
TeddySanFran said...

I'm confused now.

I thought the right-wing LIKED crosses.

Why does the right-wing hate Christianity?

11:42 PM  
jtg said...

Spocko(and supporters):

For your ongoing engagement on the field of virtual battle with KSFO, why not look into the facts from this, an email I sent to KSFO earlier today ...



On the Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan’s program of March 1st, Rodgers engaged in a discussion with Catherine Moy regarding Senator Barrack Obama’s personal history and background. Attacking the Senator for misrepresenting his past, Ms. Moy cited her interview of one Andy martin - and his research on the senator.

Is this the same Andy Martin who has been repeatedly sanctioned by federal courts for multiple filings of frivolous and malicious lawsuits?

Is this the same Andy Martin who still has time to serve for violation of probation in Florida?

Is this the same Andy Martin who referred to members of the bar review panel he appeared before as “emotionally ill” and “scum”?

Is this the same Andy Martin who The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago noted has a tendency "to exaggerate, to believe himself the victim of conspiracies where none exist, and to suspect without any reasonable basis that others are persecuting him."

Is this the same Andy Martin who was denied a law license in the State of Illinois for, among other reasons, his certified (by the Selective Service) disorder of “moderately-severe character defect manifested by well documented ideation with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character.”?

Is this the same Andy Martin who when running for congress in Connecticut in 1986 did so to, as his campaign committee put it, “exterminate Jew power in America”?

Is this the same Andy Martin who in his bankruptcy proceedings referred to the judge as a “crooked, slimy Jew, who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race”?

Is this the same Andy Martin who in a filing for that case stated, “am able to understand how the Holocaust took place, and with every passing day feel less and less sorry that it did, when Jew survivors are operating as a wolf pack to steal my property”?

I am just wondering - is the Andy Martin that Catherine Moy is using for her source on Senator Obama’s personal life the disordered, unbalanced, paranoid anti-Semite of the incidents and matters cited above?

Because if it is that Andy Martin, I would like to know what KSFO’s policy on your shows relying on hate-mongers of this stripe for political research might be? Particularly when they give no background on such a source.

Could you tell me? Could you tell your audiences?


For a discussion of the show and its content, go to MEDIA MATTERS

For the background on this “reliable source” Andy martin, go this article from THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Enjoy, all

11:37 PM  
jtg said...


I posted the above in THIS discussion because it referred to Mighty-Melanie Morgan-Mouse (the M&M & M&M that melts in your face, not in your mouth).

If you think somewhere else on your site would be more appropriate, please feel free to move and re-post it where you see fit.


11:41 PM  
DareDiego1967 said...

Thank you Spocko !
At last someone is standing up to those KSFO shot jocks.

6:54 AM  

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