Sunday, February 04, 2007

Still no word from ABC about the EFF letter

Maybe they are checking with Disney. My 15 minutes ran out while we were waiting. Hmmm, maybe that was intentional. BTW, I'm still not feeling well. My illness is sparing you the five long-winded, poorly spelled posts I've been having fever dreams about.

In the meantime I've posted the entire EFF letter to ABC. Since some might not have access to PDF technology I've posted it in jpg form. Also, each page goes to the full letter in PDF form. If you feel that Adobe Acrobat is too slow, try Foxit Reader 2.0. basic is free and fast.

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ellroon said...

Feel better, Spocko! We are cheering for you!

11:30 PM  
NWJR said...

You can also use "Preview" on a Mac to read the PDF file without Adobe Reader.

4:44 AM  
microdot said...

Patience, sometimes justice rides a lame donkey, especially when there are lawyers involved.

2:41 PM  
m.suskind said...

Great letter from the EFF legal team. Spocko, they've got you covered.

4:39 PM  
Jerry J. said...

Good job my man.... hope to buy you a beer someday!!

2:28 AM  
Jerry J. said...

Good job man!!! I owe you a boot of beer at the Schnitzelhaus!

2:29 AM  

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