Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Comedy Break: Spocko needs a Bumper Sticker

Today reader Eric asked, "Where are the bumper stickers?" Good question.

My 15 minutes came and went without me providing any merchandising. Damn. What was I thinking?

Of course I told El Gato Negro, Ripley and the other fine folks at Online Blogintegrity that they could TOTALLY have the hat concession, but since reader Eric suggested I offer bumper stickers, let's start there.

I've got a few ideas, but since my green blood is still a bit copper deficient today, any suggestions?

Chicago's Daily Southtown columnist and blogger Allison Hantschel ended one of her columns with a line that might look good next to a pointy Vulcan ear.

Other ideas? Oh and please be polite in your suggestions. Funny is always good too.

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Deacon Barry said...

Is that the final front ear?
Sorry, couldn't resist.

2:50 PM  
Mr. said...

No. But there is Space around it.

3:19 PM  
coho said...

Hiya, Spocko!

It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that a FREE SPOCKO t-shirt would be cool.

Or maybe a picture of Nimoy (that guy that played you on TV) with
under it.

7:47 PM  
spocko said...

COHO! One of the original 19!
Nice to hear from you!.

That Nimoy one is VERY funny. TWO jokes in one.

Good job!

8:00 PM  
dave said...

Anything with Nimoy is gonna get you in copyright trouble (unless someone can get Nimoy to endorse it).

Howzabout "Spocko: Making Right-Wing Radio Wet Its Pants Since 2006"?

11:08 PM  
Metro said...

"Support free speech--Suppress Spocko!
--Melanie Morgan"

"Mailing frequencies are open"?

4:59 AM  
Sewmouse said...

ABC/Disney trying to silence Spocko is illogical.

9:15 AM  
Polgara said...

Your blog wasn't shut down because your were listening. Thousands listen and take no action. Your blog was shut down because you spoke up.

Taken from your own blog, I suggest "Spocko Speaks!"

10:56 AM  
PTCruiser said...

OK, I'll put my two cents in...

"Sulu is my co-pilot"

"Warning: This blog brakes for nothing!"

1:37 PM  
Loki said...

Spocko says "Go Pon Farr yourself," also comes readily to mind...

2:08 PM  

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