Monday, June 05, 2006

Advertise on KSFO? On Sussman's show? Not MasterCard anymore!

Good news! Yet another fine corporation has determined that the Brian Sussman show doesn't reflect favorably on their brand image. A big Vulcan hand sign to one of Spocko's Brain surgeons for his work on this one.

Good for you MasterCard! Thanks to Washington Mutual for passing on this info to MasterCard and thanks to the Vice President of Communications of MasterCard for not supporting hate speech. You will be pleased to know that by stopping your advertising on this program you were able to avoid Sussman's gay bashing on today's program. So your decision has already paid off in goodwill by not pissing off the gay community in San Francisco.

MasterCard has said, "we have no future plans to air advertising on this program. " Of course based on what we heard from Mr. Black's doppelganger, the only people this will effect are the poor hourly workers at KSFO. That's sad. But that is the Neocon way.
They stir the pot, get their cash or cash for their cronies and let the little people take the financial hits.

At some point you would think that Higher Ups at ABC radio would notice, but maybe since the ad rates on the Sussman show are going at such fire sale prices, losing MasterCard as an advertiser won't be noticed on any spreadsheets.

Someone is subsidising this show, or using the revenue from Hannity and Rush to cover for it. I guess this is just another case of the "WingNut Welfare" that we have heard so much about. When Sussman gets his project funded by ExxonMobil's front group, the Competitive Enterprise Institute or some such shady organization maybe he can hire some of the little people to help him, seeing as his hating ways might have cost them their jobs.

Oh and in further good news. I welcome Pope Bandar bin Turtle as my 23 reader! Enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

In addition to the hourly wage earners who get hurt by your actions, the other people affected are sales people and managers. The listening audience still tunes in, they still have their minds made up politically and they still use MasterCard. You haven't changed anything except a couple of small hits to the W2s on the sales side the radio station. Great work Spocko! You're so effective.

12:30 PM  
PTCruiser said...

Sounds like someone's got their panties in a bunch over this. Time to hire an "elite sales force".

4:39 PM  
spocko said...

Thanks for the compliment on my good work anonymous! I do what I can.

Interesting logic by the way. Of course you are making assumptions about my goals. If I wanted to change people's minds after listening to Sussman I'd have to do a mind meld with them. Nothing else would work. It's the only way to be sure.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous said...

you've repeatedly stated that your goal is to get sussman fired, i get that but your actions have greater effects on the sales department at the station and you can't pretend that they don't. you know i'm right. you're not hurting sussman, you're hurting the people who work at the radio station, maybe that is your goal. did we do something to you? we'll never know because you can hide behind this blog.

if sussman does get fired it won't have anythihng to do with you though i'm sure you vulcan ego will believe that it does. it will be due to his ratings. of course based on everything you know about the radio busines, you already know that. it's obvious that you've either been in or are currently in radio.

you sound like a pretty good sales person. you're good at reaching decision makers and convincing them to react based on your emotional outpourings. do you need a job or did you already get fired from ksfo? remember we're adding to our "elite sales force". in fact you and pt cruiser sure monitor the station regularly. perhaps for leads for KNEW.

one of the added benefits to the work you've done is that i have more high level contacts at national accounts so thank you! keep it up. they keep calling me. for every mastercard that pulls money out of sussman's show and spends it with lowry mays, i've developed a new client relationship. 8 of the 10 advertisers who have responded to you have given me the opportunity to rebut all of your efforts and they're now bigger supporters of the news talk format now and agree that it's a medium where an opinion can be created or validated. we've discussed that there is no better vehicle for advertising. perhaps we could establish a monthly retainer? incidently i'm having fun with all of this and look forward to your next adventure and post.

warm regards,


10:53 PM  
PTCruiser said...

Anonymous said...

"you know i'm right. you're not hurting sussman, you're hurting the people who work at the radio station"

Actually, I believe it's Brian Sussman who is hurting people at the station. Spocko never forced Brian Sussman to say the awful things that he says. That's all Brian.

But hey, that's what drives the ratings up, right? And it's all about the ratings, baby.

And thanks for the job offer. I can't think of a better career choice than one that allows me the opportunity to sit there selling air time to companies peddling pills for erectile dysfunction and hair tonics for male pattern baldness.

5:34 AM  
Tlazolteotl said...

But that is the Neocon way.

This made me think of "Chronicles of Riddick."

Substitute "necromonger" for "neocon." They keep what they kill.

12:40 PM  
Jim said...

Anonymous said:
You’re not hurting sussman, you're hurting the people who work at the radio station

Anonymous, if the point of talk radio is "a medium where an opinion can be created or validated" so folks can make up their own minds about a particular issue, Sussman is either the worst talk show host on the planet or Spocko has the most influential blog on the planet. If MC can be influenced by one blogger over a(theoretically) professional talk show host he simply must be a crappy host. I'm on the east coast and have only heard the stuff spocko has posted but they guy seems pretty inflammatory rather than attempting to be persuasive or simply discuss any issue.

8:04 PM  
Anonymous said...


you would have to tune in to the show to hear it in context and if it's not for you, you can shut it off. feel free to listen to his show online at east coast time 9pm.

the problem with spocko is that he's most likely an insider (or former insider) in the radio industry. he has a vendetta against sussman and or the station.

the purpose of commercial talk radio is to entertain intelligent people with money and sell products that advertisers advertise. a media environment that serves to validate an opinion becomes and extremely effective advertising vehicle because the listeners are more likely to support products and services that support their opinion.

there are no "pure" advertising environments. strippers, drug references and constant sexual innuendo on the local rock stations, steroids and HGH on the sports station, war and famine on npr (yes they get money from the gov't and corporate sponsors, major conflict of interest) violence and sex on tv, outdoor defacing the views, direct mail in you home, porn on the internet delivered by the phone companies, etc etc etc.

in the long term what spocko is doing will be benefical for the station because as i mentioned, the level of contacts he's helped put in touch with me have allowed me to develop closer relationships with top decision makers.

if we help one man overcome erectile dysfunction so he can enjoy sex with his wife or help one man feel confident again by having a full head of hair then that is a worthy career choice.


10:39 PM  
PTCruiser said...

When I grow up, I want to give old men boners and toupees.

5:46 AM  
Brian said...

Just want to say you're doing a great job, Spocko - keep it up!

5:50 PM  

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