Thursday, May 25, 2006

Globe Exclusive! George and Laura's Marriage Breakup!

I mean if the NY Times considers Presidential marriages fair game and something to put on the front page like a Tabloid, then you would expect the Tabloids to do the same with the Bushes. Hey and guess what, they did! Now what does that say about the NY Times? Is it a tabloid too? Sure it is. Think about how much this story is like the NY Times story about the Clintons. When will the NY Times do this story on the Bushes. The Globe is leading the way!

GEORGE and Laura Bush's marriage has collapsed as his approval ratings plummet and a host of mounting personal problems rip the first couple apart and push them to secretly lead separate lives!

GLOBE has learned that while George and Laura still appear as the first couple at various public functions, they hardly speak to one another in private and don't even want to be in the same room together.

"When the cameras aren't on, they have nothing to do with one another," a longtime friend confides to GLOBE. "There's no interaction at all. "For all practical purposes, they've broken up. But Laura is a fighter. Deep in her heart she still loves Dubya and she won't give up."

Bitter President Sources reveal that an increasingly bitter president has had a series of nasty fights with his wife of 28 years after she expressed fears he would again turn to the bottle to. drown his worries, which include his battered image and a nasty feud between Laura and his mother.

"After their last fight over booze, they just stopped talking - period," says the family friend. "Things are really icy between George and Laura." Late last year, after Hurricane Katrina devastated the . Gulf Coast, another big, storm swept through the marriage, triggered by reports that Bush, a recovering alcoholic, had been caught tossing back a Texas-size shot of whiskey.

"Laura has told him she'd leave if he took one more drink," a family friend noted. "She said the marriage would be over if he didn't stay off booze."

As the war in Iraq continues to rage and his approval shrinks to an all-time low of just 31 percent, those close to the president tell GLOBE he has become more isolated and increasingly bitter and depressed.

"We've never seen him so down," says the friend. "Everything's getting to him. He just can't understand why America seems to be turning on him. "Everyone, particularly Laura is afraid he'll turn to booze again. And no one wants to see that. But right now, there is no talking to him."

"They've had some terrible arguments lately and Laura has been at the point of walking out completely," the friend continues.

GLOBE, in a world exclusive, reported in January the couple sought therapy to help save their marriage. [Hmm. Did the NY Times jump on THAT?] But the therapy did little to ease the tension in their marriage, sources confide. "Laura urged him to go back to counseling to save their marriage, but he wouldn't even discuss it."

They talk about Laura's probable face life, Barbara Bush meddling and how George will finally come to his senses and stick with Laura.

© Globe 2006
Be sure to pick up a copy of the Globe at the Supermarket. And I hope that Paul, Jim and Lynn stay safe and encrypt their email with 256 encryption or one time pads.

The fact that this story is in the Globe and the Clinton story was front page in the New York Times tells you a lot about the media today and how timid they still are in covering Bush. The timidness in the reporting on Bush still goes on years after 9/11. Say what you will about tabloid vs. respectable journalism, the double standard is still in effect when it comes to Bush's presidency vs. Clintons.

If you want to read a great book about how much the press is missing and how cowed they have become, check out Eric Boehlert's new book.
You might also like David Brock's book The Republican Noise machine to read about the massive infrastructure that is in place to manipulate the press.
Finally, to get into some details of just which laws Bush is breaking (especially the FISA laws) check out Glenn Greenwald's book.

So, do you think that the Globe will get in trouble for this reporting? May I remind you of yet another terrorist attack that Bush never solved?
The AMI anthrax case. Globe is owned by AMI. It was their building that was hit.

Interesting, eh?

Bush hasn't found Bin Laden and he hasn't found the Anthrax mailer. If you look at the two ACTUAL attacks on American soil you see that Bush hasn't found the perpetrators of either of them. I wonder why not? I guess he has more important things to do. Finally,
Here is an interesting follow up story about the AMI anthrax case.


PTCruiser said...

That booze is a real curse from the Devil. Lord, give them the strength to get through yet another crisis.

7:09 PM  
betmo said...

well, finally! i have been saying this for weeks! no ring on his finger and no botox smile for laura. she is off doing her thing and only rarely is in the same photo op. too bad the msm didn't run with this. noooo... they had to pick on bill and hill instead. :) seriously, i have been wondering and musing on my blog about the state of their marriage. he is grumpier than usual and her smile is more frozen than a pond in a new england winter. plus, i think he is back on the bottle and that is why she is leaving him. love a good piece of gossip now and again.

7:18 AM  
Eli said...

I can't think of a couple more deserving of the tabloid treatment.

Even better if it's all true.

And ya know what? A lot more people are looking at the front page of the Globe in the checkout line than the NYT (plus that NYT was only on stands for *one* day).

5:01 PM  
Freewayblogger said...

I know this might sound crazy, but... what if... just what if... Bush hasn't REALLY accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Personal Savior... but is... ONLY SAYING THAT!?!?!? Oh my God. It's so simple... so fiendishly clever! And boy, talk about pulling the wool over everybody's eyes.

Deep down inside I'm betting he's actually a new age herbalist.

10:22 PM  
spocko said...

What? The president LYING about his faith? That's unpossible!

Lose weight now as me how!

Real Christianity and George Bush go together like legs and landmines.

11:14 PM  
Interrobang said...

*giggle* The best part is, you know these tabloids are lawyered-up like crazy. Bush won't dare touch them. It's about damn time, especially after eight years of "Clinton Sex Scandal!" this and "Clinton Affair!" that. Meh.

Spocko, I have lots of things to say about infrastructure, especially in my next post or two or three. I currently have almost 1000 words of stuff waiting to go up, and I can send you some links to other infrastructure-related stuff I've written too, if you're interested. That book sounds interesting, but I'm up to my eyeballs in research on transit at the moment, so I'll have to take a rain cheque for now.

12:36 AM  
pansypoo said...

i prefer the little subliminal message in the top left. American voting rigged?

7:10 AM  
ellroon said...

Nice work, Spocko! Now if we can find out how many times a week...uh... year the Bushs have sex and why Laura likes to wear pastels, I'm sure we'd be living in a safer world.

11:13 PM  
spocko said...

Hi Ellroon! Long time no hear em.
Good to see your shiny happy name on the blog.

X's and O's to you and

P.S. Check out my Laura Bush Caption entries over at First Draft. I'm especially happy with the 2nd and last one.

11:23 PM  
Pope Bandar bin Turtle said...

As I've posted elsewhere, Bush is the Penis in the Body of Christ!

(BTW -- Can I be Reader #23?????)

3:49 AM  

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