Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Funny Blogging -- Stewie Soundboard

On Friday's we get to take a break from one aspect of the important work of Spocko's Brain and focus on the other aspect of our work. You know, the work that actually brings 20 of my 21 readers here. Links to funny videos. Because Spocko knows funny. When you think of Vulcans you think of funny, right? What with suppressing my emotions and all for 90+ years I've learned what is funny enough to make a Vulcan laugh (or at least grin in a bemused way while hating myself for showing emotion). For you humans think of trying not to laugh at a funeral (sick humans!) everything is funnier when you have to try and suppress it.

So check out this sound board from Family Guy. If you haven't watched the show you might not appreciate it. It can be very uneven and crude, but also roar-out-loud funny. And the VOICE of Stewie is great. Tone and delivery is very important in comedy. Sometimes it really IS how you say it.

My favorite is the last one under Exclaimations/Anger
"I'm not going to lie down from some Frat boy."

Expecially after the post last night about evil frat brothers.

Thanks to Dailyhaha for hosting this soundboard. And thanks to Seth MacFarlane for the great voice work! If you click on the image of the soundboard it will take you to or you can click here.


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