Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Daddy I've been RAPED! BY MY BROTHER!"

she cried, "And now you are telling me I can't have an abortion? "

"That's correct." Said her father.

Welcome to South Dakota 2006 and Brian Sussman's mind.

Here is the complete quote and the audio. ( Windows audio link 59 seconds.)

"This South Dakota story they signed into law today a bill that outlaws all abortions with the exception of the health risk to a mom. So if mom's health... if her life can only be saved by an abortion then you can have an abortion But they do not allow exceptions for rape or incest. Which I think is correct. I never quite figured out the logic there.

Do you mean to tell me that the child who was conceived because on a very unfortunate tragic circumstance like a rape is not worthy of a life? I don't get that. Do you mean the child who is actually born to a mother who is the victim of a rape is somehow less than? I..I.. that..You talk about discrimination. 'No you deserve to die! You should have never been born! Not only are you a bastard, you are a rape bastard. You deserve to die.' I just don't get that. Never have."

--Brian Sussman KSFO Radio 560 AM 6-8 pm March 6, 2006

KSFO San Francisco can be heard East to Reno, South past San Jose and North, nearly to Eureka.

And those of you who might want to write KSFO, ABC Radio Disney or KSFO's advertisers, you might want to drop ol' Spocko a cc on the letter, because remember folks, KSFO management is giving Sussman "great support". So your letters will probably be ignored by KGO/KSFO president and general manager Michael "Mickey" Luckoff. Unless you are a Muslim group then not only will you be ignored by him you will be insulted by Lee Rogers. I wouldn't bother asking to speak to KSFO's Operations Manager Jack Swanson either, he's married to Melanie Morgan who is the occasional co-host with Sussman on the morning show.

If there were a women in charge there I'd give you her name. I suppose you could ask for Deidra Lieberman, the new director of sales, but she is pretty busy trying to replace the advertisers who are leaving KSFO because they don't want to be associated with Sussman.

Hopefully some of my female readers can explain this to Sussman. So Donna, Sally Karen, Kathy, Katie, Kari, Vonda, Athenea, Jane, Maryscott, and Reddhedd help me out here.


UPDATE 11:56 pm
After the end of tonight's Sussman Show I considered modifying the headline

"Daddy I've been RAPED by Brian Sussman's Frat Brother!"

she cried, "and nobody stopped them!"

"We don't call it rape Pumpkin when it is done by a Frat Brother. If nobody stepped up to report it you must have been asking for it. Now we'll just send you away until the baby is born." said the father.

Here is the Sussman quote that triggered the new headline idea and the new fictional quote. (Audio link here 99 seconds)

"I was in a fraternity in college my freshman year. That place was a mad house. Boy from the hood I'm serious. It was wild Bacchanalias every weekend. And if I could be so bold. I don't know if I should say this or not, but it's true. Fraternities in the hood are called gangs. Well I'll tell you what, in my particular fraternity, this is one of the reasons I left after my freshman year-- I couldn't tell you honestly, I can't tell you how many girls were raped in that fraternity house. I'm very serious. Absolutely, Absolutely. Absolutely!

Guys would get these girls drunk to the point were they'd pass out. I wish... you know. There are a lot of messed up women out there to this day. If I could ever be a help I would, but its a. I left after my freshman year. It was just too much. But it was, this was going on. This was the 70's. They didn't call it rape back then. But it was. It was just nasty, nasty stuff and for those of you who were in fraternities in the 70's, don't lie to me, you know exactly (chuckle) what I'm talking about, that crap was going on big time."
--Brian Sussman KSFO Radio 560 AM 6-8 pm May 11, 2006

So maybe THIS is why Brian Sussman thinks it is correct not to allow abortion after a rape. He was thinking of all the girls raped by his frat brothers! Yep, gotta keep those genes going. And of course the line "we didn't call it rape in the 1970's" is just precious. What did you call it when your frat brothers sexually assaulted drunk passed out girls? Making Love? Oh that's right a Bacchanalia. How "greek" of you.

It was just swell how he offered today to help those messed up women who were raped after they passed out drunk at his frat house. So you quit the frat after a year. Whoopee! So you MUST have known SOMETHING was wrong, correct? You said it was just ONE of the reasons. What else did they do there? Torture? No, that couldn't have been it, you are pro-torture. Murder? Probably not that either, you are all for killing, especially if you think they were out to kill you.

After you quit your frat did you go to the raped women and offer to testify against your frat brothers when they pressed charges? Did you apologize to them? Tip off the cops about your frat brother's behaviors? Tell us those stories of your moral courage before you joke and dismiss the fines that were assessed after the homophobic hazing at the Vermont frat.

I'm not from this planet and even I know that you don't allow helpless people to be sexually assaulted on a regular basis, no matter WHAT it is called. But given some of your other opinions it doesn't surprise me, it just disgusts me.

I suppose we can't expect much moral courage from the freshman Sussman. But come ON. You stood by and watched it happen. Again and again and again. And you did nothing. Why? Because nobody told you it was wrong? Because "They didn't call it rape"? Because you wanted to get along with all the other neocon frat boys?

And your response now is, "Gee I wish I could help those messed up women." The time to help them was THEN.

You know what? I wanted to get some righteous anger going at this, but I just can't. Its just too damn depressing.

At sometime in your life people you knew, perhaps people in our own family or people around you should have stood up and countered your hateful misogynistic views. Someone should have caused you some uncomfortable moments, to make you think. Maybe an big sister type could have told you what it means to be raped and what your role and responsiblities are to help the women who were raped. Or a person from Latin America could have told you what government sponsored torture is really about. But you probably bullied them away with your own twisted sense of morals. You screamed your views louder, you made excuses, you twisted scripture to fit.

And now you are trying to propagating those ignorant, hateful views onto others. Hey, they are PAYING you for it, so it must be right! You're working hard to give them permission to unleash their "inner Archie Bunker". What a swell role model you are. Your children must be proud.

Maybe one of those girls raped by your frat brothers back in the 70's should give you a call. I could imagine it would sound something like this.

"Thanks for NOT being there for me Brian. I can see you are still supporting evil and not dealing with the impact of rape on women, but putting men's sacred sperm first."

It won't happen of course. Because unlike Veronica Mars, they probably don't know who raped them since you never came forward. It would be interesting to hear what they think about your support of the South Dakota Abortion ban.


PuckPan said...

Well correct me if I'm wrong but most sexually progressive folks (Mormon Polygamists excepted) are Leftists, eg. rape, pedophilia, spouse-swapping etc are products of leftist relativism - you know - blacks, Jews, and gays.

So it seems this law actually helps to increase the Leftist population in South Dakota.

12:20 PM  
spocko said...

Wow! A racist troll from Atrios! I'm almost honored. Almost.


Your pathetic attempt to connect rape, and pedophilia to progressives is just sad.

I should have just ignored you, but I was feeling generous today.

Oh. and you're wrong.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous said...

dude, you're wierd.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that there hasn't been more uproar from women in this country. For one, when will we reach a point where birth control is not just regulated by half of the population? I highly doubt that men would let a group of women decide that they should all get vasectomies, which is exactly what the group of white males on congress are doing for women. Women should be very worried about their reproductive rights in this country, and in the rest of the world. For example, the teaching of abstinence instead of safe sex is completey irresponsible. People are going to have sex, bottom line. But it is unfair for women to have all this responsibility and for men to make these decisions for them.

9:19 PM  
spocko said...

Yes. You know I was talking to someone the other day and talking about all the women in my life who have educated me and helped me in multiple ways.

And I wonder how many would have been in my life if the world hadn't changed (through a lot of hard work by both women and men)to enable them to be there.

11:16 PM  
Interrobang said...

Funny how when Sussman talks about "rape bastards" the point of view is always on the "child" and not really on the mother. So I guess according to him, it's worse to be called a "rape bastard" than to have to look at your son or daughter every day and remember how you were forced to get pregnant and forced to give birth.

This is a touchy issue for me. I'm an adoptee, and I was born during the 1970s in a pretty socially-conservative place. It's entirely possible that abortion, although legal then and there, would have been just out of the question for my biological mother, and I can't even begin to think how she might have felt for those 7 months (I was premature) if that was the case.

There seems to be an awful lot of that "unborn potential children are more important than actual, living women thinking going around lately. (Shameless blogwhore, btw.)

9:24 PM  
spocko said...

Hi Interrobang!? Thanks for stopping by!?
I'll check it out. Wow Blog whoring on my blog. You would think I was Atrios or somethin'. He'll I'm not even NTodd, he of the no pants and mighty biker calves. Well besides me, hopeful one or more of my 21 readers will fly your way.

9:32 PM  

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