Wednesday, May 24, 2006

CNN Headline Writers and Photo Editors Mislead on Front Page

Scandal-scarred Democrat refuses to quit key role

(Actual Screen shot from CNN USA at 5/24/2006 at 3:00:54 pm PDT. This image was on the front page of the CNN website. The linked story doesn't use the same photo.)

I'm looking forward to similar photos and headlines each and every time we see trials and accusations for the many many Republicans involved in scandals. Remember how the White House scrubbed the photo archives of all photos of Bush with Abramoff?

Of course that wouldn't stop CNN if they wanted to, they could do the same thing. They could use this same format for Bush and Abramoff, Bush and Tom Delay, or Bush and Ken Lay.

I searched through 82 articles on Tom Delay on CNN and found NO photos of him with any Republican leader in the same pose or with a similar misleading headline.

So, for that famous bullshit "balance" that Fox claims they want and CNN pretends they do, here is a doctored CNN front page article and photo set I made.


betmo said...

the msm has its knickers in a twist because the internet and bloggers are 'ferreting' out the truth. well, if the msm 'wants respect'(see tbogg's latest post) then perhaps they should start reporting accurate, non-government sanctioned news- and start more investigative reporting. while i realize that might bring the doj and gonzalez after you, shouldn't a journalist have some integrity?

6:20 AM  

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