Saturday, January 28, 2006

What part of Upholding the Constitution didn't you understand Mr. Bush?

Well of course the NY Times said the same things about the president's spying that I did (read the whole thing here). Only they said it much better than I, using all those new fangled words in smooth sentences and powerful phrases. I just hope it has some impact on people. Will it? Will it be powerful enough and compelling enough for people who support the president in all things legal and illegal to say, "Hmmm, maybe he IS acting above the law. Maybe this IS an abuse of power." I kind of doubt it, but I'm glad it has been said.

It is all a part of the whole process so men of high ideals will finally say, Enough. So that good Republicans will say, "This is wrong and must stop." So that it won't remain political suicide to stand up to the inevitable Karl Rove swift boating that comes when you speak out against the President. Bush says he doesn't look at polls, but you can bet Karl does, and when he sees slippage he knows that they have to work harder to get their stated agenda pushed forward.

Karl Rove has already said it proudly in his fall preview speech, this administration is about destruction of others and positioning their opponents in the most craven fashion. It is never about "How can be fight this war better? What is the best way to rebuilt the gulf coast? Is there a way out of our energy woes that doesn't lead to massive foreign debt?" For them is always about, "How can we destroy our critics who might point out our mistakes?"

It is really stunning when you think about it. There are no real policy people in the White House. No one coming up with good ideas on better governance. That Rush line about the Democrats having no ideas is a load of crap. It the REPUBLICANS that have no ideas. They use the same crappy ones over and over. Give it to the cronies! Let the lobbyists write the bills and run the government. Not very cutting edge.

What counts as a good idea in the Bush White House? Calling illegal spying on Americans "Terrorist Surveillance" or calling the estate tax the Death Tax. Those phrases are the crowning achievement of their policy people (who are really political people.) They have no governing chops.

Now I appreciate a good tagline as much as the next guy, but if you dig under the tag line it's the same giveaways to the usual suspects.

In this White House there are no teams of people working overtime to make America a better place. Their teams of people are working to make America a scarier place.

Karl is in charge and he says the plan is, "We are going to make the democrats look weak on terror." That's it. No Positive Vision. Of course in this SOTU they will roll out some whore 'cliches like "more energy from bio mass! And TAR sands! But just like the "We are going to Mars! speech and "We'll make a hydrogen car!" They are just words in the wind. There is no good health care plans, just taglines and slogans.

You know now could be the time for a positive legacy, but instead he will keep doing what has sadly worked over and over, smear opponents, pay off cronies, pander to right wing religious types, lie to or misdirect the press, feed peoples fear and appeal to their lesser natures, their inner Archie Bunker.

This is administration is never about lifting the American people up. They are always about running down the Americans who disagree with them.


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