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Veronica Mars ROCKS!

People might be surprised that I like both Battlestar Galatica AND Veronica Mars. But they have a lot in common. Good to great acting. Strong actors and actresses playing interesting people. People you have come to know and love die or are killed, just like in real life. Here is an exerpt fom the TV Guide story on Veronica Mars. I actually included the whole story because TV Guide has the worst website in the history of websites. They have pop-up, talking pop-ups, moving pop ups and moving and talking pop ups. Thank goodness I found

Your Veronica Mars Questions Answered!

While fans wait for fresh episodes of UPN's Veronica Mars to return in January (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET), they want to know: Why wasn't Meg asked about the bus crash before she died? What did happen between Duncan and Kendall? And what's up with Mac and Beaver? In an exclusive Q&A, Mars creator Rob Thomas once again provided the answers to these and other burning questions from readers.

Question: Why didn't Veronica and Duncan ask Meg about the bus crash when they visited her? — B.J.
Rob Thomas: Originally, in the first draft of the scene, they did. Meg could only remember one pertinent detail. I felt, however, that it was awkward and a bit insensitive for Veronica to ask a question like that, a moment after Meg wakes up and realizes that Duncan and Veronica now know she's pregnant. If I could've had a five- or six-minute scene, I think Veronica could've found a way to ask the question gracefully. Veronica assumed that she'd get many more visits with Meg, so she didn't want to push her. And that pertinent detail? It pops up in Episode 212.

Question: Did Duncan sleep with Kendall? — Cameron
Thomas: If I wanted the audience to know, I would've showed it. I will say this: The question will be answered in a future episode.

Question: Why is Veronica showing such a hateful attitude towards Logan this season? She was the one who broke up with him and then chose to reunite with her ex. Logan is a bit snarky, but he doesn't seem to be harboring the same anger towards her. It's hard to believe that she's simply mad about his self-destructive behavior — there are other ways to communicate displeasure over someone's conduct. Is there more to the story? — Sherry
Thomas: Yes, Veronica broke up with him — because he was being self-destructive and a creep. I've read that people think Veronica should've been more gracious to Logan after he pulled a gun to save her. I disagree. She is terrified that he's going to get himself killed. She's angry at him for having a gun. She wants him to move — not because she wants him out of her life but because she thinks he's now made enemies of many of the most dangerous people in Neptune. She'd rather have him survive elsewhere than wind up dead in Neptune. You really think Logan has been sweet to Veronica this year? To quote Gob Bluth, "Come on!" Go back and watch the episodes again. He's been cold except when he's needed something.

Question: Why was Duncan at the hospital every day if he didn't know about Meg's pregnancy until later? Was it truly out of concern, or should we hold our breath for something sinister? — Michelle
Thomas: Meg and Duncan were very close. I believe Meg gave herself over totally to Duncan. Duncan tried to give himself totally to Meg, though when he learned that Veronica was not his sister, all the feelings and demons he'd been battling for a year came roaring back. Duncan's my Ethan Frome. He's driven by guilt and responsibility. He knows he did Meg wrong. It's what kept driving him to try to see Meg. When Meg's parents yell at him [and say] that if it weren't for him, she wouldn't have been on the bus, Duncan's the type of guy to believe them.

Question: Mac and Beaver were so cute together! Will we see more of them? — Jack
Thomas: Yes.

Question: I have a continuity question. In the Nov. 30 episode, it was said that Lianne was in high school in 1980, but last season when Veronica checked out her senior yearbook, she was said to have graduated in 1979. Is that a goof? (Sorry, I just watched the Season 1 DVD, and I pay close attention.) — Derek
Thomas: Wow. Yeah. I guess it was. This is how I'm learning about it. We try to be very careful about those things. That bums me out. Sorry, gang.

Question: I feel really sorry for Logan right now. Is his life going to get any better? Will he find some happiness? Since Veronica appears to be over him, do you plan to give him a new love interest? — Zara
Thomas: People do love Logan, which I think is a testament to how good Jason Dohring is in the role. He does rotten thing after rotten thing, and yet people want things to turn out well for him. There will be someone in his life very soon who is much more age-appropriate, but with Logan, you always need to be careful of his intentions.

Question: Is Keith ever going to confront Veronica about the bug she placed in Sheriff Lamb's office? — Jason
Thomas: They will have a conversation about it in a future episode.

Question: Is it possible that Aaron Echolls didn't kill Lilly, and that Duncan was the one who actually did it but doesn't remember? — Derek
Thomas: That's certainly what Aaron Echolls wants us to think. (And yes, that's an intentionally blurry response to your question.)

Question: How long has it been since the bus crash? How could Meg have been showing so much? — Mandy
Thomas: She was almost 20 weeks pregnant at the time of the bus crash at the beginning of September. When we see her in Episode 10, it's the middle of December, so she's at eight and a half months. (We have the Web research to back up the 20-weeks-and-not-showing cases, should you request it!)

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