Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Rude Pundit Cronicles New Orlean's disaster

Spocko rarely swears, but I do enjoy reading some of the wild flights fantasy and riffs of profanity usually dished up by the Rude Pundit, but this week he and the Rude Brother are touring the disaster in New Orleans. It is very powerful stuff, especially considering how long ago this happened.

Oh, yeah, the barge. There's a barge in the middle of the street next to the levee. Some believe the giant barge actually came unmoored in the storm and broke the levee. Some Lower Ninth members say that they had complained about the barge before Katrina hit, that it was knocking against the levee earlier, and because it was Lower Ninth citizens, with no power at all, no one cared. But the barge is there, a huge rusting hulk. The barge, when it came through the levee, smeared the houses right near it, like a gargantuan knife smoothing butter on a slice of toast. The water and barge shoved other houses together into a jammed up pile.

Interestingly, the barge look a bit like Noah's Ark. Do you suppose after this storm we will get a new covenent from the Government that this (the terrible response) won't happen again?


ellroon said...'d think the rabid religious right would be panting to draw Ark analogies. That, and the fact more than twice as many people than 9/11 have lost their lives. (Something like 6000+ people missing along with how many verified dead?)

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