Thursday, December 15, 2005

What IS an Ultra-conservative Neocon Theocon?

So somebody posted this on my blog.

Can you email me at my yahoo account? I'd like to arrange a private meeting with you, either by phone or in person.
The evil Neocon-Theocon

If this is a joke, ha. ha. If it is from that radio host who calls himself a neocon theocon, I'd rather not. You have your huge public platform. I have my tiny blog with 18 readers (19 if I count you). If you have something to say, put it in writing here. I might respond, I might not, maybe one of my other 18 readers will. I might delete the comment. This is my tiny space and I reserve the right to set the rules.


PTCruiser said...

He probably just wants to see if you'll say "Merry Christmas" so that he can determine whether or not he should tell his listeners to patronize your blog.

Good for you, Spocko. He sets the rules on his show and you should do likewise.

8:04 AM  
Jim said...

I consider myself fairly conservative (although more on the libertarian side) and I had never even heard the term "theocon" until I read it here. I'd consider it spam and move along.

11:30 AM  
pseudolus said...

Huh! You are hardly obligated to respond. He knows how to reach you already. Anything he is likely to say should be public. What could he have to discuss that is private? Maybe he is the widower of the late Colonel Mumisa Balumba of Nigeria and wishes to use your bank account?

3:48 PM  
Brian said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:20 PM  

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