Monday, December 12, 2005

A Perfect San Francisco Event

The lighting of the tree at McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park. Little kids running around the tree. Hot apple cider. A nice little speech from Gavin Newsom, Santa in a one horse open sleigh (really!) and then the real highlight ... the choir. I believe it was the Young People's Teen Musical Theater. There is something special about a choir of children singing Christmas songs. This one was especially well directed.

It was one of those events that hit so many San Francisco highlights. A beautiful space, people of multiple faiths, races and ages coming together.

Right before the mayor threw the switch someone spotted a plane up in the air. It had lights on it! I thought, "Wow! Someone coordinated a fly over for the tree lighting. How great." Then we saw it was an advertisement for a Toyota dealer in Alameda. HA! They did have some nice lights in the shape of asterisks in between the advertising message, so it had SOME holiday context.

Over all a really nice event. Thanks Parks and Rec for organizing it.

Here is a photo taken with my cell phone.


ellroon said...

Fun. Choir music outdoors is delightful and when you have young voices and a wonderful mix of people, it really makes for Happy Holidays for all!

7:41 PM  

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