Saturday, December 10, 2005

Casualities in the War on Christmas

I makes me crazy to think that there are so many people that are signing up for this fake war on Christmas. Are there really that many deluded Christians? It makes me crazy we are even discussing this. Why aren't they demanding that American's stop torturing people? That would be more Christian than demanding people greet them in the approved fashion.

My friend Tena said it wonderfully, "Leave it to the Right. The one holiday when we are suppose to all come together and they pick a fight."

The stores tried to be INCLUSIVE but the faux Christians in the hate group AFA demand their due. "YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO MY VERSION OF RELIGION!" They are working very hard to recreate the state religion that our ancestors fled. Is their god is so small that he can't withstand any competition?

They aren't satisfied with their own Churches on ever corner. They aren't happy with their TV stations and radio shows. No, they demand fealty from all, even non-believers.

The propagandists on the Radio and TV knew that they couldn't come out and say, "Stop including others when you greet them" so they twisted the desire of businesses to include everyone into a frame where the Faux Christians are the victims.

And they said to their viewers, "Demand to be acknowledged! Show your victim hood, it's all about you! Make them notice you. Force them to worship your god just like you. If they don't, whip them into submission! Don't give them your money. Stop giving money to anyone who doesn't kowtow. Everyone WILL respond in the approved Christian way at the point of our smoking credit cards! Those who don't will be punished."

How far away have they gotten from Jesus, son of Mary, the first century Jew who taught about love and forgiveness, and caring for the poor and how much God loves us.


And remember, nothing says "Let's celebrate the birth of our saviour." like a drunken Santa scaring the kids

Looks like Santa didn't have time to change his diaper. Hey Santa, just tell the kids you are "feeding the Reindeer" next time.


coho said...

Hiya Spocko!
Unless I miss my guess, Santa #2 is Robert Downey Jr. I'd recognize those meatballs- oops, I mean eyes- anywhere.
And it's just possible that Santa #3 has an adult film career in the off season (the care and feeding of elves isn't free, you know).
As to the narrowness of the Xtians, that "We have the only answers" attitude goes for most any organized religion.
It's too bad that the recognized secular holidays are mostly for the remembrance of people who died in one war or another. Where is our Festivus?

9:15 PM  
kelley b. said...

Don't forget the 23rd.

Do you think, with their control of the Main$tream Media, Bu$hCo-Cheneyburton would allow a Holiday that featured the Airing of Grievances?

Or non-denominational non-partisan Feats of Strength?

Find a good pole and keep Festivus in your hearts!

3:47 AM  
CmdrSue said...

Declare your Holiday Style! Mine is Festivus this year!

7:36 PM  

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