Saturday, November 26, 2005

Dear KRON: So you fell for the fake Christmas controversy

Dear KRON:

I know that you are probably understaffed for the holiday, but did you really have to fall for the fake "holiday tree" controversy?

First, the "news" was in Boston. (Clearly you got the feed from someone on the east coast and although I liked the Santa hat graphics, it's not like Gavin Newsom is calling the tree in Union Square a "holiday tree".)

Second, who pitched this story to you? Did you stumble upon it yourself or did you get a call? Is there a viewing demographic you think you are serving with this fake controversy? Are you trying to make a handful of right-wing voting, hate-radio listening, Fox News watching, gay rights bashers happy?

Not only is it non-news, it's only a controversy in the heads of a couple of right-wing nuts like Fox News personality John "Five in the noggin" Gibson and Bill, "Bomb Coit Tower" O' Reilly.

You were played. And played by supporters of Bill O'Reilly. I'll bet if you tracked down the "holiday tree" story origin in Boston you would find the publicist for Gibson's book, "The War on Christmas".

After Bill O'Reilly's comment about SF, I wouldn't want to keep his fake controversial story in the news.

If you need to fill you newscast with more entertaining stuff, just give Gary Radnich a few more minutes, at least his "news" is funny.

Mr. Spocko


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