Sunday, November 27, 2005

ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" plays "It rubs the Lotion on its skin song"

So I'm watching Grey Anatomy just for the heck of it and I hear the Greenskeeper's Song "It rubs the lotion on it's skin" as music to accompany a scene in the show. There had a scene with lotion and then they talked about a hose (an enema hose). Nice attempt to time the music to the scene (a tribute to the editing of the video from the song?)

Then they actually discussed THE LINE FROM THE MOVIE! It would be interesting to know what the process was for that. Did the screenplay writer hear the tune and use it in the script and as incidental music or did the writer use the line and then later the person putting the episode together say, "I heard a GREAT Song that used that line! Let's add it to the show!"

It's not as if I found this song on my own. DaBabs sent it to me and it's been out there for months, but I feel a bit of proud the fact that I liked it enough to put in on my blog before it made the big time on network TV.

In other TV news on Family Guy they were at an insane asylum and someone mentioned that Louis' brother was crazy. The doctor said, "We prefer the term mentally hilarious."
What a great line.

Oh, and ABC folks cruising the blogs looking for feedback? Please pass my kudos on the song story line tie-in back to the writer or producer and director involved.


PTCruiser said...

That's hilarious, Spocko. My wife and I were watching the same show last night and I jumped off the couch when I heard them playing the song. I yelled at her, "That's the song from that creepy video on Spocko's blog!" Then I heard them work the lyrics into the dialogue. Very nicely done. Perhaps the show's writer was inspired after reading your blog? I'm glad you saw the show too, so now I know I'm not going totally insane due to watching the video on here. Just partially insane (or mentally semi-hilarious).

8:42 AM  
coho said...

Hiya Spocko!
You are truly a trendsetter, ahead of the curl. C'mon, make something else funny happen.

11:35 AM  
spocko said...

What can I say, I have my elbow on the pulse of a nation.
What is especially scary is to listen to me during an episode of CSI or a murder mystery TV show. I'm guessing the twisted plot point in the first 5 minutes.

I don't need to mind meld with the writers to know how they are going to go with a story line. I know that they are thinking, "What 'ripped from the headlines' twist can I add to the script that will be unusual?" then they think about all the wierd stuff they see on boing boing or fark or weird news or snopes and say, "Let's have the guy who was committing suicide get shot ON THE WAY DOWN!" I saw it on Snopes! Let's build an episode around it.

That is why I love movies that REALLY mix stuff up or do unconnected things like in real life. I loved Pulp Fiction because sometimes something weird just happens and then you have to deal with it.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous said...

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