Friday, October 29, 2004

Bin Laden Endorses Bush

No he doesn't. What he said was, "Your security is not in the hands of Kerry, Bush or al-Qaida. Your security is in your own hands," But since I instantly saw the opposite headline on Free Republic, I decided that I should write the above head line, just for balance don't cha know. But it isn't really balance because of course that wacko followed it up with some blather that made no sense whatso ever. But I thought we will need a counter claim to Freepers in CrazyVille in the search engines. Then they can rant that "The Liberals are spinning the video!" until their fingers melt.

The video, broadcast on Al-Jazeera television, showed bin Laden with a long gray beard, wearing traditional white robes, a turban and a golden cloak, standing behind a table with papers and in front of a plain, brown curtain.

Let me be the first to say, then discount, the theory that it is not really bin Laden.

Remember the scene in Patterns of Force episode 52 where they fake the head Nazi's broadcast? What proves this is real?

Here in the reality based community (always amusing to say since I'm a fictional character) we try and look at what we know. No physical body of Bin Laden is held by the Americans or other groups that we know of (if he was I think that Bush would announce it.) An electronic image on video tape has emerged with a person who claims to be Bin Laden.

Questions to ask:

Who is verifying the electronic image on video tape? Do we trust them?
Did anyone see Wag the Dog? Did anyone see The Running Man?

We know we can easily create fake images of people saying whatever we want.

It is not hard. We should have some independent Hollywood special effects people determine if this is real. NOT THE CIA and the NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Hell, I don't even trust the NEWS MEDIA. This election is a multi-billion dollar war for the future of America, let's check this one out. The timing is too suspicious.

We must verify if it is real by INDEPENDENT experts. Once that is done then we can talk. But you know that won't happen. Whoever released this tape on this date knew it would have an effect, but the question is "Will it have the effect they intended?"
Part of that decision will be based on how it is spun and if the people who released it guessed right on what the response will be.

The reason this happened today is that people on both sides know that the weekend brings out the B teams. The experts are at home, and the second team spinners are on duty. This is just in time to make the Sunday News shows. As the Bush campaign said, "You don't launch a new product in the summer." If they aren't coordinating this release then the people who are doing it understand the media pretty damn well.

Ignore the content for a moment and look at the meta information. Whomever is behind this release on this day has a clear grasp on the timeing of American news cycles and pundit politics.

The other meta message that IS spin on our side is, "Bin Laden is still out and about and is able to make these kinds of messages. If Bush was doing his job Bin Laden wouldn't even have the chance to make ANY message."

Ball dropped George. America's number one enemy has made a new threat.
Do you respond by whipping the Americans up with fear? That is what you have been doing for years. Will you tell us we are safer? Pop quiz hotshot. What do you do? What do you do?


ellroon said...

Weird. Several sites (repub and dem) are in full froth over this. I find it really a so what. Nice to see that my theory of defrosting Osama for the October surprise wasn't least I can't see freezer burn from here.

I don't think Brooks is right in saying Bush wants this video to focus people back on his strength = the War on Terra. I think your point more correct = Osama is still saying nyah nyah to the U.S. and Bush hasn't gotten him yet.

Trying to figure out how to vote so we don't vote the way Osama wants would tie anyone in a knot. (Did he say vote for Bush so we'd vote for Kerry? Or did he know that so we won't vote for Bush? Or is it the other way around?)

So...glad to see Osama is alive. That means President Kerry gets to hang his head on his wall.

9:42 PM  

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