Monday, September 20, 2004

Yes, I am the Muffin Man

Berkeley celebrates passion for peculiar / Parade features humor, art, jabs at president, Iraq war Greg Solberg (center) and Lisa Pongrace (right), both of Berkeley, take a spin in their electric muffins. Chronicle photo by Penni Gladstone


ellroon said...

I have had to contemplate this photo for a says something profound, but I haven't yet put my finger on it. Something about food? Joy? Weirdness? Enormous weird joyful muffins? .... Must ponder some more.

5:41 PM  
spocko said...

I don't know why, this picture just makes me smile. Someone spent the time, money and effort to make an electric muffin cart.

And they seem so HAPPY about driving them around.

It's like a little art project rolling down the street. I've always been a big fan of art that you stumble upon in your everyday life. This is just an example.

6:33 PM  
ellroon said...

You said it! HAPPY muffins. It really is a joyful picture.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous said...

your an idiot, i hope udie\

10:52 AM  
Anonymous said...

this is hilarious. i want a giant muffin outfit.

2:50 AM  

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