Thursday, September 09, 2004

Roman Catholics may vote for Kerry! RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES!

This is so great. Now my Mom can vote for Kerry!

St. Louis Cleric Softens Stand on Voting by Catholics

Published: September 5, 2004

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 4 (AP) - The archbishop of St. Louis, who has said he would deny the sacrament of Communion to Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee, because he supports abortion rights, now says Roman Catholics may vote for such candidates under certain circumstances.

Archbishop Raymond Burke said Catholic voters must believe that the candidate's position on other moral issues outweighs the abortion-rights stance, but said it would be a grave sin to vote for an abortion-rights candidate because of that position. "That is what's called formal cooperation in an intrinsically evil act," The St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted him as saying on Friday.

In July, he said Catholics could not vote for candidates or policies in support of abortion and be worthy to receive communion. On Friday, he told the newspaper he wanted to clarify his position "in order to make the discussion full, to articulate the matter as fully as possible."

"We always have to remember that it's objectively wrong to vote for a pro-choice politician," Archbishop Burke told KMOX Radio. "People could be in ignorance of how serious this is."


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