Transcript KSFO,ABC Radio Citadel Broadcasting Brian Sussman 8-10-2009 5:28 am

"This Friday, Justin Herman Plaza, we are planning on having a Bay Area tea party. This was going to go down in front of Nancy Pelosi's office, but I will tell you right now, the interest has swelled due in large part to the reach of this station. I got on board with this last week and said, 'You know what? I'm going to be there I'm going to be in front of Pelosi's office, I'm going to go through that line I'm going to shake every hand of every great American present and by getting on board with the great reach of KSFO the number have swelled for this thing. There are not going to be just hundreds now there are going to be thousands of people attending.

It became so big that the Bay Area Patriots, and that's their website by the way. they said 'Holy Mackerel' the sidewalks in front of Pelosi's office will not be able to handle us so they have now been able to secure Justin Herman Plaza right across the street from the Ferry Building. Only, my gosh, two block from out offices. It's going to accommodate a much larger crowd, provide greater viability. I mean we are in walking distance of three of the TV stations, the TV camera will be there, all the radio stations will be there to cover it. I don't know what kind of coverage they will give us, but nonetheless we are going to make a statement.

Pelosi, if you won't have a town hall we are having a town hall at Justin Herman Plaza on behalf of every American. You are the house Madam.

You're the Speaker of the House. We're holding this quote unquote Town Hall at Justin Herman plaza for every American who's wanted to have a meeting with you. We're doing it in proxy for them. We're going to be gathering Friday, Justin Herman plaza. This event goes from one to five o'clock I've told everyone I'm going to be there from two to three. I hope I have an opportunity to address the crowd, Tom Delvacaro has told me that he's going to be there.

This is going to an excellent event and I encourage you I understand, you know this particular audience is either working for a living trying to pay your taxes or you're retired. If you're working I want you to take the day off I want you to join us. You need to be emboldened surrounded by all these great patriots who are standing shoulder to shoulder against this plan. If you're retired, you come on down. if it's too much for ya guess what we're doing it for you, you stay home we'll take the stand for you. If you're just not able to get around the way you're used to, hey listen we are going to be there for you.

As I've said on my radio program on the evenings on KSFO, we're doing this for our grand child and we're doing it for our grandparents, the greatest generation. We do not want this health care plan to succeed. I will tell you, health care in complex. Everyone gets covered, at the end of the day it doesn't matter what you ailment is there is a program for you to get your particular treatment and, by the way money talks in this particular environment, if you've got the money you can basically pay for anything, if you don't there are programs out there that will handle your ailment no matter what it might be. Is it a perfect system? No not at all. Do people occasionally fall though the cracks? I'm sure they do, but what do you want a system that is imperfect or a system that is straight from the pit of hell. I agree with Sarah Palin, this sucker's evil. "

KSFO,ABC Radio Citadel Broadcasting Brian Sussman 8-10-2009 5:28 am