Transcript, Brian Sussman, Aug 7 2009, 6:20 pm KSFO, ABC Radio, Citadel Broadcasting

"Some call him Dr. Easy Kill Emanuel. He's a health policy advisor to the White House. He's a member of the Obama Administration's council on comparative effective research. This is a man who elaborated a method for selecting which sections of the population should be denied health care first. This was in an article entitled "Principles for Allocations of Scarce Medical Interventions. The article was published in the British Medical Journal Lancett it was dated January 31, 2009.

That was let's count it up, eleven days after Barak Obama's inauguration. And by the way isn't it interesting that just two months later Emanuel was appointed to the federal coordinating council on comparative effectiveness research to begin the design of a federal system for what? Well probably for withdrawing care for those chosen for death.

Now, Emanuel describes in this article, again this was published just this year. This method of complete lives system as he calls it, quote "The system produces a a priority curve" now this chilling if you are driving in a vehicle right now, two hands on the wheel because you are about to swerve. "it produces a priority curve" says Ezekiel Emanuel, "on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years old get the most substantial chance where as the youngest and oldest people people get chances that are attenuated. He goes on to explain cold bloodedly why the death of a 20 year old woman is intuitively worse than the death of a two month old girl. Now this isn't a one time shot for him. He's been writing like this for a long time. He wrote in 1996 that health services should not be guaranteed to persons who quote are, "irreversibly being or becoming participating citizens. He was specifically mentioning patients with dementia.

So Sarah Palin's not far of here ladies and gentlemen. Your dad whose suffering from the dementia? Your mom whose got the Alzheimer's? Guys like Dr. Emanuel want to kill them! I guess it would be called a mercy killing back in the 30's in Germany. This is what they want to do to our people! That Down Syndrome baby? I've got news for you. There will be amniocentesis when the child is in the womb and when they find out that kid's got Down Syndrome or some other life long ailment, oh they'll put an end to that life in no time flat. Is this what you want?