KSFO radio, San Francisco. KSFO is part of ABC Radio Network, Citadel Broadcasting Corporation. Transcript date 12-03-2008 5:50 am.

Morning Host Lee Rodgers, Traffic and weather Reporter “Officer Vic” aka Tom Benner and Wall Street Journal Reporter “Big Buck” McQuillian

“Officer Vic”: She’s going to be out of work soon and I think she needs a place to feel at home and we have we have a need we have an opening for someone like this. We need a press secretary. And I think Dana Perino would be an excellent addition to this program.

Lee Rodgers: You have been in heat for her since the first time you laid eyes on her, haven’t you?

OV: Well, no, she is a sharp woman, she’s very bright.

LR: She is.

 OV: She’s attractive as well. And I think it would be great. I mean she could she could sit in with us. She’d have to be here every day.

LR: Yeah

OV: And that would be one of the

LR: Obviously if she is going to discuss our activities with the other media she would need intimate knowledge of it.

OV: Absolutely, and she would have to be very close to us every day here in our little confines here, our little Wrigley Field of broadcasting.

LR: Mmhmm. Our friendly confines.

OV: Yes. And she would she would comment occasionally when appropriate and we’d ask for her opinions and such. And then at the end of the broadcast she would face the press and tell them what the hell we did.

LR: Sure.

OV: And er. But she would have to be here every day.

Lee Rodgers: Mm hmm. Would full-frontal nudity be involved in her role?

OV: [laugh] Well if that would be her choice.

LR: Sure

OV: Then we certainly wouldn’t object. [unintelligible]

LR:  Go watch your filthy mouth out with soap.

OV: Dana Perino should join this program, when she is finished of course doing what she is doing.

LR: [singing] Dana Perino we’d welcome you. Duh da dad a dee dee. Go ahead and do the traffic report “Big Buck” is waiting to discuss money.

OV: Metering lights off at the Bay Bridge. Golden Gate Bridge everything is flowing freely, you’ve got a lot of fog to deal with this morning as you head out this morning and it’s effecting all of the bridges, the eight great Bay Area’s Bridges.

Life Insurance from New York Life is one of the most selfless gifts you can give your family to contact your local New York Life agent visit newyorklife.com/bayarea. Dana Perino on this program. That would be a welcome addition. It’s “Officer Vic” Hot Talk 560 KSFO.

[live read of New York Life Commercial with comment about Dana Perino instantly following]

LR: And I would assume if we were successful in luring Ms. Perino to join this program, “Big Buck” probably would wanna move his base of operations from the Wall Street Journal back there on the East Coast out here to also join us. I’m just guessing. I don’t know.

“Big Buck” McQuillian: If there is nudity involved, then possibly .

OV: [laugh]He hath spoken.  The great and powerful Buck

BBM: I’m just picking up where “Office Vic” left off there with his filthy mind. But thats

LR: He’s a sexist, he’s a sexist pig isn’t he? I’m so ashamed

BBM: [laugher}

OV: I’m just thinking content here. What great content she would bring to the program.

BBM: Eh yeah.

Lee Rodgers: What a great rack, I know.

BBM: I love you guys, okay.  Turning to the futures now, what a segue.  The S&P down 20 the Nasdaq.


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