Lee Rodgers and “Officer Vic” June 30, 2009 6:24 AM,  Radio station KSFO 560 AM, ABC Radio Network/Citadel Broadcasting


Well the American troops are moving out of the cities in Iraq. There were Iraqis dancing in the streets last night as the US military met the first deadline for a withdraw of troops which is to get out of the cities. So well not what?

"In Baghdad today an American general handed a key to an Iraqi counterpart, the last of nearly a hundred bases handed over since January. But even General Daniel Bolger admits that plenty of American Advisers will continue to work side by side with the Iraqis inside the countries cities. While the US forces are moving back to bases their numbers are not expected to drop significantly until early next year. David Kerley, ABC News, Baghdad"

Well, let's all hope this does work out, but if it doesn't it the Iraqi's go right back to killing each other, there are going to be serious questions about why we stayed there after defeating the Iraqi army and stretching Saddam Hussein’s neck.

Officer Vic: um humm

Lee Rodgers: Because I still think it would have been better if we had just said, "Okay, we've done what we are going to do. You people do whatever you want to each other and to this country, just don't give us a reason to come back or we'll massacre every last damn one of you. And it would have saved a lot of American lives and well we'll find out in weeks to come just how through a job we have been able to do in terms of civilizing those people. We'll see. We'll see.

OV: Yes

Lee Rodgers: Do I sound cynical?

OV: Oh.

Lee Rodgers: No, I've never been accused of THAT before. Never

OV: Just a tad.

Lee Rodgers: No never, I just a

OV: No seriously, yeah you're right..


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