Monday, October 15, 2007

Command Control to Rudy, "We Can't Hear You! Thanks for Nothing."

I have some friends in the firefighter business here in SF. I think they might want to watch this video to see how Rudy treated the first responders in NYC. Of course if the shouting starts about someone "politicizing 9/11", please be reminded WHO is running on their 9/11 record. Photo ops and looking tough while being forced to walk in the streets because your command and control center is located in a stupid place, is great for some people, but for the ones who are doing the work, putting their lives on the line, good communication that in integrated with the rest of the city's emergency organizations can NOT be blown off as some sort of minor mistake.

When the next earthquake hits SF, people will use their cell phones and landlines to call their loved ones. "Just want you to know I'm okay!" we will say.

But imagine you are pinned down outside your loved one's house and are trying to call them on the phone because you can see their house swaying and the house next to it has collasped. "Your house is going to collapse!" You shout.

But your phone can't "talk" to their phone. The house collapses and your loved one dies. Later you find out that it wasn't just an accident that the phones couldn't connect. Suppose you found out that the person whose foot dragging ensured that you would NOT be able to reach your loved one is bragging about how much HE cares for your loved one. And suppose he brags that he did such a good job about caring for your loved one that he should be in charge of caring for everyone's loved ones. Might piss you off, right?

You can sign a petition to have this looked into more throughly. Our first responders deserve no less.


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