Monday, May 21, 2007

What are Willie the Cat and Barney fed?

What are Willie the Cat and Barney fed? Can you check to see if they were fed pet food recalled because it was contaminated with melamine and cyanuric acid from China?

I know you probably can't name what brands they eat because it might look like an endorsement, but with new recalls every day, I hope you are checking to ensure their food is safe.

As you know, this contamination of pet food killed and sickened thousands of pets around the country. Have any White House pets gotten sick in the last few months with kidney problems?

Here's a story about this topic that might be of interest, especially this Wednesday when you meet with the Chinese.

Live Love and Prosper Barney and Willie The Cat
Mr. Spocko


PTCruiser said...

You know those animals are still feeding off of Saddam's remains.

1:48 AM  
Metro said...

Yeah, and the new breed is sucking juice out of Falwell's corpse. But what are the pets eating?

11:20 AM  

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