Sunday, April 01, 2007

Why Companies Should Listen to People who Blog

Sometimes the head of big corporations talk about bloggers as if they were some breed apart from humans.

News Flash corporate CEOs: Bloggers are your customers, your employees, your neighbors, your family members.

They want to be heard. Pay attention, this is a huge opportunity to learn and listen. But some companies are so used to outward directed communications to investors that they will make heartless mistakes in the eyes of customers. This is going to cost them, and if they get caught covering up or their foot dragging is exposed, it will cost them even more. This is NOT going to go away with a few Friday afternoon press release dumps.

You killed her Kitty. That's BAD PR, in any language.

Read this post from Kelly B at Pet Connection. Pay attention to this voice. Corporate communications people at good pet food companies, read this post. If you help these people, and prove your food is safe (with independent experts) they will flock to your brand.

ALL PET FOOD NEEDS TO BE TESTED and the TRUTH needs to COME out Now!!!!! Our Furry Babies are dieing.. I have so much sadness/grief over losing Miss Cuddles my Precious Companion kitty for 13 yrs she was healthy, then I found her in the kitchen by her cat food helpless.. I held her all night on the Living room carpet made a Shrine toys,blaikiets pics It was a matter of hrs no time for the Vet.. I took her to bed that evening.. and at 10 am she coughed twicw had a seizure and died.. My Baby Angel.. I put her in a casket made for her She is in Cold Storage till May..when the Ground untaws so I can bury her.. I am mad and Sad.. I called the news they put this story out in the Front page.. I need more Proof.. she made need an Autopsy.. I love my Angel Miss Cuddles She’s All I HAD!!!
Please Plase Resolve this and Get at the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!
I miss My Miss Cuddles with Love and Many TeArs.. I am HEART BROKEN!!!
Love Kelly 4-Cuddles Alway!!!

Comment by kelly B — April 1, 2007 @ 11:01 pm

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Masher1 said...

The time to hold big business feet into the fire over the wholesale disregard for the customer once the cash is paid. Every single CONSUMER will have to defend there rights far better than this. The customer service issue is killing your industries WHOLESALE.

Are you listening Mr Goods seller. We are fed up with your greed and disregard. Kitty killers are bad credit risks. Any foolish and disrespectful actions will HIT your bottom line.

Because a brain in a box will never let you off the hook for kittycide. Not ever!

11:10 AM  

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