Friday, April 13, 2007

Sen. Durbin Questions Duane Ekedahl, Pet Food Institute

Things I want you to notice about this clip are listed below: Click on any image to play or download link

Note how Senator Durbin lays out the case and then doesn't let incorrect statements or the redefining of critical words go unchallenged.

  1. What does "regulation" mean to the Pet Food Institute? To the pet food industry? Is that the same as the public's understanding of what regulation means?
  2. How does "regulation" happen in practical terms?
  3. Who is doing the "regulation"? How often?

  4. What are the penalties for failure? Consequences for failure?

  5. How often does this "regulation" happen?
  6. Who can effectively, without industry bias, oversee food safety regulation?

  • Who dies when there is NO real oversight and NO real consistent regulation?
  • Who profits?

Also note the simple questions that couldn't be answered.
Note statements of fact made by Ekedahl.

Keep that claim of 100% of the incoming wheat gluten inspected in mind in the days to come.

And finally, what is the difference between inspecting and testing?

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Masher1 said...

Hey Duane You blew it. Anyone wanna bet the MICROSCOPES on the WHOLE Food chain just went into code red. Good job looking so guilty Mr Ekedahl we are now on your prompting going to Run our Blogger Fingers through EVERY segment of our food chain looking for lousy working controls. Then we see about the Fix for them.

Once again Thanks Duane Ekedahl your lack or caring and compassion for the thousands upon thousands of Gram's and Gramp's ALL worried there Cat or Dog Companions are going to die. This terror scare targeted at old folks pets is going to be TOTALLY unearthed as the TERROR SCARE it was. Great one Duane! Even the evil ones are having a rough time keeping there heads.

3:17 PM  
Masher1 said...

And anyone want to bet that China will be annoyed to no end over the malicious interference in there products for propaganda and trade war like provocations by the U S of A. China will be forced to respond to the claims that they are responsible for this bad product. I see a dirty hand of Evil intent in this contaminated shipments that is being spun to look like the Chinese are at fault Without ANY checks and TESTS being done on the American side. Foul smelling this story. Terrorism is the end. Now who is responsible for killing Thousands of cats and dogs? I am pretty sure that they live inside the USA at this point.

4:29 PM  
Interrobang said...

Dude, there are medications available these days that can help with that sort of thing...

1:12 AM  
Metro said...

What a damn shame that no-one has yet approached the Bush administration with a similar approach to questioning.

Once you have 'em on the hook, never let up, not for a second.

Otherwise they lose all their e-mails.

8:26 AM  
Sunshine said...

eya Spocko!

just visiting from Sammers blog.

good reporting from you on this issue. we posted a link to here at the bloggie.

the melamine was added to boost nutrition readings by the suppliers.

FUBAR bud. we all send our best!

Sunshine Jim

10:29 AM  
Winston's Mom said...

The FDA is screening all wheat gluten imported from China and the Netherlands at U.S. ports and seizing all wheat gluten from Xuzhou Anying.

Under the microscope and even to the naked eye, the contaminated gluten looks different from uncontaminated samples, Goldstein said. Researchers see melamine granules and other colored granules throughout the gluten, he said.

“There appears to be other things in there, other than the melamine, but identifying what they are is a long process,” he said.

EVEN TO THE NAKED EYE, buddy-boy, even to the naked eye...

2:04 PM  

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