Monday, April 02, 2007

Contact info for Pet Food committee at the Association of American Feed Control Officials

Peta sent a letter to the FDA about this pet food recall crisis. (link to PDF) coverted to JPG below

Now I know that the right-wing talk radio hosts HATE PETA. Peta was on the ball trying to protect your pets. Keep that in mind when you consider who is looking out for you and your pets.

You should note that the PETA letter contained the claim that two labs said it WASN'T the melamine.

I also note that the group that is supposed to be keeping tabs on the pet food industry is
"the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a nongovernmental body with no power. Past analysis has shown that pet food advisory committees are largely made up of people with ties to the pet food industry, as are the board of directors."

So I looked them up and sure enough there is a committee of advisers for pet food. Maybe the media might want to check in with them. Be sure to ask them who funds their group, what are their ties to the pet-food industry (previous employment, grants, chairs, etc.) and who they get their funding from. And be sure to ask them what kind of power they have in an emergency like this. Who do they report things to first? The industry or the public? The manufacturers or the FDA? Did they know about this? When? What did they do? Don' t just ask them for perspective, to explain things, they are players, they probably had a role in this.

I don't know where they touched this crisis and how they acted, I'm as curious as you are. You are curious aren't you?

Pet Food:
Dave Syverson, Chair
Bill Burkholder (FDA)
Tony Claxton
Teresa Crenshaw

Roger Hoestenbach
Rod Noel
Lynn Sheridan
Liz Higgins

Or the
Inspection and Sampling:
Andy Gray, Co-Chair
Steve McMurry, Co-Chair
Chad Linton Co-Chair
Mike Davidson
Dan Danielson
Gloria Dunnavan (FDA)
Ken Jackson
Matthew Keppinger, III
Ron Newman
Harwood Owings, III
Garry Wagner

Brett Groves
James Fear (FDA)
Judy Thompson

Of course you could also contact
the AAFCOnvestigators! (link)
I would recommend Wheat Products Ann Brueck Boise, Idaho
Or maybe
Grain Sorghums Roger Hoestenbach College Station, Texas.

And of course if you are on deadline and need to get to reach someone whose job it is to get back to you, I'd try.
Sharon Krebs, Chair
Rod Noel, Vice Chair
Teresa Crenshaw
Donna DiCesare
Ron Newman
Isabel Pocurull (FDA)
Jim Rasekh (USDA/FSIS)

Hey look, the AAFCO gave us a handy list of numbers and names you can call the people in your state to get "the local angle!"


Interrobang said...

It's too bad Ingrid Newkirk is an absolute frigging lunatic who doesn't just have issues (she has entire bound volumes); that letter would be fairly impressive coming from almost anyone else.

Canadian recall information

11:28 PM  
Lis said...

PETA is not our friend. PETA does not believe that we should be allowed to have pets. This is not a left/right issue; this is a sane/insane issue: the PETA gang are complete whackjobs who are exploiting this the way they exploit everything else. They're opposed to our having pets, and they want to scare us into believing that there is absolutely nothing we can feed them.

Ingrid Newkirk doesn't grieve over the dead pets; she's happy that they've been freed from the humiliation of being pets. Anything she says is a distraction from the real work of making the pet and human food supply safe, and punishing the people responsible for this debacle.

12:15 PM  

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