Thursday, April 05, 2007

Christie Keith of PetConnection and Ben Hu of Itchmo on KIRO 710, the David Goldstein Show

Tonight Ben Hu a blogger in Seattle (the blog is Itchmo) and Christie Keith, a writer and contributing editor to the blog PetConnection were on the David Goldstein show on KIRO 710 am in Seattle.

If you would like to listen to the show here is an edited version of the hour long show.
Total 33 minutes (there is an gap early on due to technical glitch)

MP3 Version (Link)

Windows Media Audio version (Link)

David was the first radio show host to interview me and I see that once again he's getting the story out on radio before wing-nut radio.

Right-wing radio talks about their hate of groups like Peta. And you should all note, wing-nut radio host's love of small government leads to cuts in groups that protect the food supply.

These hosts might say they care about your pets, yet they regularly mock Dick Durbin who was the first to DEMAND hearings on this. (Durbin's second news conference on this is at 2:30 CDT April 5 -Official PDF thanks Howl911!)

Problems at the FDA? Maybe it's because in 2005 the top FDA official resigned because she was told by the Bush administration to put politics before science.


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