Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Your date's over, mister," SF's latest Women Heroes

You are looking at two heroes. They took action that prevented a stranger from being raped.

They were paying attention, they knew what to look for and they took action.

A trauma was adverted, because someone didn't just look away when something bad was happening-even when at first glance it all looked fine. They saw through the happy surface to see the reprehensible actions of the player.

Read the whole story here.

Then note: You can be this kind of hero too.

I was going to send this to Echidne of Snakes, one of my favorite writers and someone whose community I feel honored to be a part of, but she is busy CLEANING today and I don't want to interrupt her when she is on a roll. We all have our cleaning and organizing projects we are avoiding and I don't want to tempt her (although how you tempt a goddess without chocolate is beyond me.)

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shrimplate said...

Awesome. What great and brave women.

10:51 PM  
W.D. Russell said...

Well bully for a couple of young women who actually care.

9:17 AM  

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