Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why does the FDA refuse to name the company that imported the tainted wheat from China?

"Why does the FDA refuse to name the company that imported the tainted wheat from China?"
I wondered: Was it ADM?

He linked to Pet Connection. They are tracking the story and counting the numbers of about dogs and cats who are dying from eating tainted pet food. The comments section will break your heart hearts.

As I followed the story I saw some of the bloggers and commentors digging into this story and trying to get answer to some basic questions.

If tainted wheat is being imported from China, why don't they say WHO imported it? One of the Pet Connection readers suspect ADM.

I know I’m going to start sounding like a broken record, but I will be shocked if it is not ADM. They will not comment on this when reporters call them. Why would that be!? The other 2 US wheat gluten suppliers came out right away and said they did NOT supply Menu with wheat gluten. Midwest said they had, but that ended 18 months ago if you go read their site. When you read this article, focus on this part “The only other major U.S. producer of gluten is Archer- Daniels-Midland Co., Steve Pickman, MGP Ingredients vice president for corporate relations, said in a telephone interview.” Seems Midwest wanted to make sure the media knew about ADM. Midwest probably knows who they lost the Menu Foods grain contract to.

There would be incentives for these large pet food manufacturers to contract with 1 company for all their grain needs. The more you buy from one company, the larger the discount. Now, if it is ADM, I would like to know if Menu started using their grains and wheat 18 months ago, or was there someone in between and this new supplier is actually NEW as they say? If fertilizer is one of the issue’s with this food, it should be an issue with all wheat products coming from China. ADM set up shop in the Asia Pacific years ago. I should also mention that China imports US wheat. It was on hold for a long time due to something in our wheat, which was found to be safe. I don’t believe we are importing any wheat from China for human foods. . .BUT, it is probably in other animal feeds. Go read ADM’s site.

We need reporters to pounce on workers at Menu, Purina and Hills. There has to be a lot of people who know where this gluten is coming from. This also has to be the talk amongst employees at these plants. I can’t believe no one can crack this secret!

Comment by Jackie — March 31, 2007 @ 11:09 am

When I was following the Mad Cow story I read about the deals that the USDA cut with some major food manufacturers that prevents health officials from telling consumers which stores and and restaurants sold meat and poultry that was recalled by distributors. Did you know that federal law prohibits the release of such information without permission from businesses?

Here a bit of history about that deal the government cut with food manufacturers from the author of Fast Food Nation. (link)

Do I think that maybe a major corporation like ADM might exert some power over the FDA in revealing their role in this deal? I don't know. I'm sure some smart reporter will follow up on this thread. You've got some bloggers helping you on this one folks. Their cats and dogs are dying and they are PISSED. They are highly motivated to find the truth, let them help you!