Sunday, March 25, 2007

What NTodd said

"The big problem is that our myths have made it seem as though only Great Men can force change. Seems pretty damned undemocratic, doesn't it? Really, those Great Men are just as flawed as the rest of us and, conversely we all have power and the attendant moral responsibility of conscience."
--NTodd on March, 19, 2007

Read the whole post, it's classic NTodd: smart, funny, well-linked and thought provoking.

(Also read his myths of war post I linked to above).

I sometimes wonder about all the people who are pro-killing others who call themselves Christians. I've noticed that they reject most other methods of dealing with conflict other than the violent straw men arguments thrown up by the neo-con pundits (most of whom have never served.)

This war, from a Christian point of view, is morally wrong – and was from the very start. It cannot be justified with either the teaching of Jesus Christ or the criteria of St. Augustine’s just war. It simply doesn’t pass either test, and did not from its beginning.
- Jim Wallis, at the Washington National Cathedral service of the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq,

And who is NTodd?: From his blog, Dohiyimir (which I think is Hawaiian for "No Pants")
"A freshly-divorced, vulgar, non-violent, independent, counter-dominant, left-liberal, possibly charismatic, not entirely insufferable, non-obnoxious, Tom Green-esque, quasi anarcho-libertarian Quaker who is rather full of himself shares his take on politics, bicycling, volleyball, and other esoterica."

He is also a great guy and one of the true big hearts and "connectors" in the liberal blogosphere.
Be sure to read his blog, we like to joke he doesn't have a blog, but it's just a joke folks!


Rich said...

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Rich said...

The weird thing about our Christian fascists is that they are so cynical that they cover up that Jesus' teaching is all about love and the spirit of the law.

In this way they are anti-Christ.

It may not now be as bad as our past when there was Christian-sponsored mass genocide and chattel slavery in the Americas. Ad Chalmers Johnson, Glenn Greenwald, and Joe Conason to John Dean and Chris Hedges and it looks like the writing is on the wall.


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