Friday, March 16, 2007

How are J. David Eller, William R. Scherer Jr., and Jeb Bush connected?

Via Gentilly Girl (who's a brilliant woman) I'm led to this fascinating story about Moving Water Industries (MWI) by Sue Sturgis at Facing South ("Blogging for a Progressive South ")

Remember how I said earlier to day to follow the money and "pay attention to the people?" Read this story and notice the roles played by:
J. David Eller, CEO, MWI
William R. Scherer Jr., MWI lawyer and spokesman
Jeb Bush, Governor and brother of W.

Remember how the MWI lawyer,William R. Scherer Jr., was the one who was quoted in the MWI release about the faulty pumps, and not the CEO, J. David Eller? I thought it was a bit strange, but I figured they had a reason. It turns out that Mr. Scherer has a track record of speaking for Mr. Eller when the heat is on.

Like this time from the amended DOJ lawsuit against MWI:

Between 1985 and 1993, the government says, Eller flew on his company plane to the Bahamas and to Grand Cayman, once with a "large suitcase filled with currency" and once with a "large duffel bag or suitcase filled with currency." At both places, a chauffeured limousine whisked him and the money away. Eller told his pilot he was "moving his assets out of the United States," the lawsuit contends, calling it an effort to shield the money from creditors.
Eller's lawyer, William Scherer, said the flights never occurred and neither Eller nor MWI has accounts in either country.

Mr. Scherer, no doubt a brilliant lawyer, didn't have to answer unasked questions if he gave a plausible answer. So neither Eller nor MWI has accounts in either country. Fine, but does that mean that there is NO third party company, person or entity that has the money? And what if it isn't in an account but a locked room in a hotel (hey I saw the Firm too!)

I like how he said the flights never occurred. I wonder how that was parsed? Especially since the pilot was the one who flew the plane? I'm sure there was some SUPER clever word use going on there. Something like, "They weren't flights. They were jet plane trips, flights means "commercial flights" jet plane trips are different and not considered "flights."

(Like when Rummy answered his own questions to get himself off the hook with the press. It made him seem like he was being open, but he was really controlling the situation.)

If you haven't read Sue's story yet, this is the other thing that jumped out at me:

Scherer, it should be noted, is a member of the Bush Rangers, a group of the president's biggest campaign fundraisers; he also led the team of attorneys that helped litigate Bush into the White House following the contested 2000 election, according to
Can you imagine that?

Sue ends with these question:

This begs a couple of questions: Why was a company under DOJ investigation for such serious charges given a major federal contract for New Orleans reconstruction in the first place? And why is the DOJ suit against MWI still unresolved after so many years?

Why indeed? Is Jeb Bush going to get out of this story with no taint? Probably. Like Baker, Bott, the lawyers for the Bushes are some of the most brilliant in the world, the best money can buy.


Sewmouse said...

Jeb Bush will get out of this the way Jeb and his whole family got out of the "Savings and Loan Scandal" - without so much as a single bit of lingering miasma of wrongdoing.

This family is 2000 times more corrupt than the Kennedy's ever dreamed of being.

7:39 AM  

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