Friday, March 30, 2007

Blair has an Excuse to Attack Iran, Neocons Rejoice.

The neocons want an excuse to attack Iran.

The can create one or use what exists as an excuse. I think the excuse will be the 15 British Royal Navy personnel who were seized while searching a merchant ship in the approaches to the Shatt al-Arab waterway that divides Iraq and Iran.

Right Wing Media Attacks "The Wimps in the UK"
Now the job of the right wing media is to call everyone who doesn't attack a wimp and question their "manhood". They will question "the manhood" of an entire nation. That will surely get them to enter into a messy multi-generational conflict that they will cost billions and thousands of lives. (Hey, don't laugh, it worked before.)

But the neocons and talk radio hosts don't give a damn about the lives of the 15 British Royal Navy personnel. They just want more war and damn the consequences. Why? Because as far as they are concerned war is a GOOD thing! Higher ratings! They don't really feel it. Are their kids enlisting? No. Hell No. (With the exception of Dr. Laura. It's good to hear her son is a deployed Marine.) And besides, the military industrial entertainment complex makes lots of money for all their rich friends. What's not to love?

They really don't want the British to be wimpy. "Hey Britain, look tough! Blow 'em up! Screw diplomatic solutions. If you are really "manly" we radio hosts will respect you. And if you do act in a stupid violent way, maybe our neocon women will sleep you!" (Shutter)

THEIR idea of Masculinity, the hyper violent male, is great. Is this effective? No. But it's better than being seen as "weak". It's not about the lives of the navy personnel, it's about your image. Because to bring up a hoary old quote from marketing, "perception is reality" and who creates reality? They do! Why do they do it? For the money dummy! The market for crazy neocons and their war jones is still huge.


Metro said...

"Jimmy Carter--pffff!--what was he thinking, negotiating for the lives of those hostages in Iran.

Homo. Faggot.

Wha--? Whaddaya mean, it worked?"

The trouble with this situation is that one crazy asshat is in charge--Ahmadinejad. There's no question he's nuts.

But there's a failure in the west to recognize that he's not really, actually, the supreme authority. He has to answer to people a little better schooled in realpolitik than he is.

If they can keep his mouth shut between bouts of violating the Geneva conventions by televising forced "confessions," then there's probably a chance for resolution.

That said, I'd like to see Ahmadinejad and Bush duke it out in an arena until one man gets killed. It'd be even better if they could wear loincloths ... and maybe some oil ... and a little glitter in their hair?

Sorry, just caught the trailer for "300"--that retro queer porn show that all the red-blooded wingnuts are queueing up to see?

Hang on, wait a minit--where were those Persians from again?

4:16 PM  

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