Monday, January 15, 2007

KSFO Host Blames Planners For Advertising Pull-Out

by Tom Siebert, Monday, Jan 15, 2007 8:47 AM ET MediaDailyNews MediaPost

WHY IS KSFO, THE CONTROVERSIAL ABC Radio affiliate in San Francisco, losing advertisers? Apparently, media planners are part of the problem. At least that's what KSFO host Melanie Morgan said during a special live call-in session the station aired Friday afternoon to address her morning drive-time team's controversial comments over the past two years.

"If there are sponsors who listen to these idiots, and I'm not sure there are, despite what they say," asserted Morgan, "but if that's the case, I know who it would be. It would be some craven little time buyers at an advertising agency someplace who have no guts whatsoever."

It took roughly two hours for the right-wing talk station KSFO's four hosts to reach media planners on their list of people to blame for the station's hemorrhaging of advertisers in the wake of an Internet flood of audio files of the program's eyebrow-raising content.

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Although the program was promoted as no-holds-barred and welcomed calls from both supporters and critics, the deck was stacked. The morning of the special broadcast, those liberal bloggers posted an email blasted the night before to hundreds of thousands of conservatives across the country, written by Morgan, asking them to call into the show as a show of support. The hosts defended sending the email by pointing out the program streams live on, and thus, it has many online listeners.

But that should not be relevant for advertisers, since most of the commercials are not broadcast online.

Morgan's morning co-host Lee Rogers was the most defiant. He claimed he didn't want to do the special, and that "if you're waiting for an apology, you'll be waiting a long time."

He also seemed to threaten former advertisers. Responding to an email question, Rodgers declined to name advertisers that have withdrawn their support, but added: "People who want to play that boycott game seem to forget this is a sword that cuts both ways. We have plenty of people that listen to this radio station that say 'hell, if somebody is trying to shut up the people on my favorite radio station, I don't think I want to give them any money,' so it could work two ways."

Although Morgan claimed that all but one of the departed advertisers had come back, she would not identify them. None of the four confirmed advertisers that departed--Visa, MasterCard, Federal Express and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation--were available for comment late Friday.

The entire special program can be heard at

Emphasis on CONFIRMED advertisers that departed is mine.

I mean I can understand insulting their listeners, some people like that, but the time buyers at an advertising agency? I thought KSFO might get an * next to their name in time buyers computers from now on. After those comments I'll bet KSFO gets seven asterisks and an exclamation point!


Anonymous said...

Great work! My question who are the ppl listening to this radio station? Isn't there enough Rush & Fox News to fill their hate holes.

7:21 AM  
dr.filbert said...

Just learned that Robert Anton Wilson died last Thursday.

7:57 AM  
Adorable Girlfriend said...

Listeners are now idiots? Geesh. Keep up the good fight.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous said...

There are two advantages to claiming to be under attack. One is that it brings the host and audience together. The other is that fear of attack drives people into the reptilian part of their brain; from there, everything those right-wing talk show hosts say makes perfect sense.

1:17 PM  
Jim said...

I think Lee is right, while I think it's laudable that Spocko is getting out the views of the show to the advertisers and giving examples, the advertisers that pull out are simply putting up a target for mainstream folks to know that they are supporting liberal causes. I wonder what those same companies would say if they were identified as leftist leaning? I think Lee was definitely making a threat. As an advertiser you have to be betting that the majority of listeners are going to be offended AND not be upset that you identified your product/company as being against the idea being put forth by the show. If fedex gets ID'd as a company supporting the things that Melanie et. al is against, how many folks will see what brown can do for them instead? On the other hand I'm sure that alot of lefties will make sure they support fedex so maybe it's a wash in the long run. I'd love to see what (if any) revuenue changes occur for the advertiser due to the advertising switch.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous said...

Wow.. Nice job guys!!

Wish we had thought about doing something similar here as our group of bloggers was banned by the conservative talk radio station in buffalo.

Keep up the pressure, you definitely got under their skin!!

4:59 PM  
Sandy Underpants said...

good work here.

7:33 PM  
Eli said...

Would it be uncivil bragging to point out that my blog is the #1 Google search result for fuck KSFO?

10:40 PM  

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