Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good thing nobody at Disney or from the agencies is reading my blog

If the nice people at BBDO or GSD&M or media placement firms like Greenstripe get directions to "check out KSFO and this or that host" to see what they are about, I do hope that they find this post.

Because they can see how they, as customers for the station are REALLY viewed. And of course if they listened to some audio clips of the hosts they could learn that they are exposing their clients to some very gruesome talk, often right before their ads.

For example, I can not imagine that Dr. Julian Feneley, Chief Executive Officer of BriteSmile Inc. which is headquartered-in Walnut Creek, wants to hear right before his ad Lee Rogers say this about a listener, "I've got to try and track that email address and do something unpleasant to his cojones, if he has any." "None." says Melanie Morgan as she launches in to the BriteSmile commercial. (audio link)

I don't know Dr. Feneley, but I imagine that after all his hard work on growing the company, nurturing the brand and the product he might not be too happy that right before his ad Rogers uses the Spanish word for testicles.

Sadly there really is nothing the agencies or advertisers can do about it. Any suggestion that Rogers refrain from testicle talk before his ad will not be tolerated. Why? Because as Lee Rogers has made crystal clear:

"Nobody is gonna tell me, what to talk about or not talk about or in what fashion on this radio program. It ain't gonna happen!"

- Lee Rogers, ABC Disney Radio station KSFO 11/30/2006 05:09 AM (The Lee Rogers and Melanie Morgan program, KSFO 560 AM) (audio link)

Dr. Feneley's or his people really should keep that in mind if they decide to continue advertising on the show. They clearly are pretty close to the show's host since Melanie Morgan and her sister read the ads. He might have better luck suggesting Morgan tone it down. But as we have seen with her non-apologies for saying "We've got a bull's-eye painted on [Pelosi's] big, wide laughing eyes" and "it's time to put the bull's-eye on [Pelosi]. (See Media Matters yesterday) Morgan's method is to pretend she never said what she actually said.

But of course if you advertise a lot having your ad might right after Morgan talks about putting bull's-eyes on elected officials is highly possible. Just ask Phil Pacsi, the executive director, North American Consumer Tire Marketing for Bridgestone Americas Holding owner of Wheelworks. You can reach him at pacsiphil @ bfusa.com

Notice how his ad ran right after Morgan's comment (after Brenner's traffic). (audio link)

I think FedEx might have been smart enough to stay away from this kind of talk, but I'm not sure. But maybe Wheelworks doesn't know what is happening on the station they advertise on. I understand, it's a big market. If his agency can't protect him maybe someone should let him know what's going on.

Sorry to have to contact you like this Phil, but you were probably told I'm just some competitor who didn't care about your brand. Who you associate your brand with IS important. I'm sure your bosses in Japan like: Hideki Yokoyama, Vice President and Officer, Brand Management and Product Planning for Bridgestone and Masayuki Okabe, Vice President and Officer, General Affairs, Legal Affairs and Corporate Communications, wouldn't want to lose face because you continued to support a station whose host talks about painting a bull's eye on the Speaker-elect to the United States Congress.

But what do I know, I'm not supported by the Walt Disney Corporation. I'm just suggesting you make your decision based on your own ears.


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