Friday, December 01, 2006

Calls to torture and kill people coming from radio hosts at Disney Radio station KSFO - Why not just change the channel?

People ask, "Why not change the channel?"

What if almost every day you heard talk radio hosts talking about killing your friends?

Not simply dead, but hanged. (audio link, Lee Rogers)
Their place of work blown up. (audio link, Melanie Morgan, Lee Rogers, Tom Brenner)
And when your friends died after the building was blown up? The hosts laughed. (audio link, Ann Coulter, Morgan, Brenner "Officer Vic")

What if they "joked" about cutting off your friend's testicles?(audio link, Rogers, Brenner)
Seriously talked about cutting off your friend's finger and then his penis? (audio link, Brian Sussman)

And what if they said that millions of the religion you belong to should be murdered?(audio link, Rogers)
Murdered based on a simple guess of which ones were the extremely bad ones? (audio link, Sussman)

Would you do anything? Tell anybody? ( link and link)

And what if you found out that someone who heard of this constant talk about wanting your friends dead, decided to act on it? (Chad Castagana)

What if they talked like an assassin talks about a victim when referring to the leader of your group of friends? (audio link, Morgan)

Would you say anything?

What if you decided to tell people about it, say the owners of the radio station, and they not only ignored it but encouraged it. (audio link, Sussman)

What if you wrote to the owners of the radio network and they ignored it and encouraged it?

Would you drop it?

What if after all this talk they still defiantly kept it up? (audio link, Rogers)
Pretending that they never said what they said (audio, Morgan, Rogers), even after audio proof to the contrary? (audio link, Morgan)

Suppose one of the most respected Brands and Companies in the world, which owns the network and the station, was alerted to what these people were saying?( link)
Might you expect they would care? Are THEY not members of any of these groups? Do they not have customers in any of these groups? Would they not defend their friends? Are they not humans?

Would you simply change the channel?

KSFO 560 AM is owned by ABC Radio Disney.
Go here to write the FCC and complain. If you want to write advertisers drop me a line. spockosemail atsign gmail .com.
If you have thoughts on who else should be notified let me know.


Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for this. Your effort, even so minute as it may seem to you, is so critical for me as a Muslim raised in the United States. I hear and see this disgusting behavior of catagorizing "all" Muslims or even Islam in such negative light, and I think to myself, my God, this is not the America I was raised in.

Its hard to be an American with a consience when there are extremist like these people out there with a virulent agenda to hate all people who are not like them. I am not the "lets go hug" each other type, but I believe in having some sort of intelligence to carry on a meaningful conversation.

What happened to that, it seems our media has lost it in their race to capture ratings, or maybe we as a society have lost it.

But again thanks, I am sending out letters to the advertisers letting them know that I refuse to bank with them, to use their products and to associate myself with companies which support such hatred. I plan to send them locally as well to parent companies.

I will make sure I post it on my blog and forward it through all the electronic mediums I use to across Northern California to my college friends and recent graduates.

Keep up the good work- also those death threats (or threats in general) can be reported to the FBI, if you need assistance with that let me know, I can "pull some strings".

12:14 PM  
Anonymous said...

Congrats on your current success. These cowards are obviously affected by what you have done. They are commenting on it daily. I've now posted support for the boycott of their sponsors as well. Funny, every advertisement company supporting these turds email addresses are

1:51 PM  

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