Thursday, May 11, 2006

DJ fired for making threatening remarks (no it's not Sussman)

I always like to keep track of who is fired on radio and why. So today a Clear Channel DJ got fired for making threatening remarks. So I asked myself, why was this guy fired and not Sussman?

I figured it was because of a few things:

Troi Torain, the “Star” was fired for making threatening on-air comments directed at the daughter and wife of a competing personality.

Brian Sussman, the "Suss-Man" was NOT fired when he called for killing 10 million Muslims.

Message: Threaten one. Fired. Threaten 10 million. Not fired.

Tori Torain, the "Star" was fired for saying “If you didn’t hear me, I said, I would like to do an R. Kelly on your seed, on your baby girl. I would like to tinkle on her.”

Brian Sussman, the "Suss-Man" was NOT fired for saying, ""I would say first we cut off your finger next we go for your penis, what do you want? What do you want? Okay? I'll tell you what, the guy says nothing we cut off the finger first. Just the tip of the finger, that's all. I got news for you he's going to start talking quickly, we can't do any of that now."
(20 second Windows media sound clip here)

Message: Talk about tinkling on someone. Fired. Talk about cutting off someone's penis. Not fired.

Star, who calls himself “The Hater,” also said that he carries a gun.

Suss-Man who calls himself "the Neocon Theocon," also said he has a gun, (and kindly provides us with a photo.)
Message: Talk about carrying a gun. Fired. Talk about carrying a gun and actually show us a photo of it. Not Fired.

Clear Channel New York market manager Rob Williams said: “Power 105 finds the comments alleged to have been broadcast by Troi Torain to be wholly unacceptable. We have removed him from the air pending a full investigation.”

ABC Radio's San Francisco general manager Michael "Mickey" Luckoff supports Sussman, (As Sussman stated on March 24, 2006, "I've got great support from the staff and management of this great radio station.") They have kept him on the air.

So I guess that this means that ABC Radio and Disney have much lower standards than Clear Channel. I mean we know that KSFO "Hot Talk" will spew out pretty much anything whereas "Power 105" actually has guidelines. Nice to know, I wonder if when Farid Suleman of Citadel Broadcasting picks up KSFO as part of the ABC Radio purchase he will keep the same low standards. I hope not.

Oh and I'd like to thank Paul Heine of Billboard's Radio Monitor for the quotes for this story. Drop me a line if you want some more info about KSFO's Brian Sussman show on 560AM between 6-8 pm.


Blogger billspaced said...

It's a messed up world, and radio is a small microcosm of it, though more screwed up, it seems. "Suss-man" is really a right wingnut to the extreme. I can't believe he's even on the air in the Bay Area.

1:34 AM  

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