Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sussman's new advertiser? Preparation H!

I kind of feel sorry for the poor guys selling time on Brian Sussman's radio show. No sooner do they land an advertiser than Sussman says something that drives them out the door. I'm trying to imagine what it is like. They are sitting in their cubicle trying to win those steak knives and they get a call from Lumbergh telling them that the Bird's Eye C&W frozen food account just pulled their ads because someone at the client actually listened to the show.

"Damn it! That asshole Sussman is costing me money! Now I'll never get that 64 inch plasma screen. How can I make my quota AND make that asshole pay for losing me another sale. Asshole! That's it! I'm a genius. I'll sell products FOR assholes on that asshole's show!"

Of course these are the same guys that put a Brokeback Mountain ad on Sussman's show, so you know they have a sense of humor. Black humor, but humor none the less.

Ol' Brian was really spoiling for a fight tonight. "Clash of civilizations!" Ohh, how historic! I figured it wouldn't be long until he decided to pick up on Sean Hannity's tactic of attacking the Muslim group CAIR. He thought he was being really clever, "I'm just reading clips from the PAPERS! I'm just telling people what they are associated with!" So if you discredit the group that is calling for an end to hate speech that gives you a pass? How does that work?

So instead of addressing the things he has said about Muslims, he goes after a group. And not just any group. A controversial group. That is so much easier, someone has already done the work for him.

This strategy doesn't negate the things that YOU'VE said Sussman. And we don't have to go back to the last century to find them. We only have to travel all the way back to March 14, 2006 for your famous,
"You got to kill them. That's the only way you can do business. Abu Ghraibs aren't tough enough for people like that. You just have to kill them. "

And frankly it should be Christians and all normal people that are offended by what you say. But of course Sussman isn't willing to actually announce that he is a Christian. I used to think it was so that people wouldn't show up at his church and protest him. Then I figured out his dodge. If he never claims a specific branch, he is free to pick and choose whatever "values" he wants.

Hate from the Old Testament? Check.
Ignore all the love thy neighbor of the New Testament? Check.
Quote zealots like Paul? Check.

It's great! No higher authority to appeal to. Nobody to call and appeal to, "Did you know Sussman is representing your religion wrong?" Heck, he can even advance his own crazy notions that Jesus was in favor of handguns! (I'm not making that up. The logic of his gun lovin' Jesus argument is stunning in its conclusions. But since he is the sole authority on Sussmanism, he's always right!) What a great scam.


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