Sunday, December 18, 2005

NTodd's Cat: The Key to Blogging Popularity

Here I am a sucker, trying to post interesting enlightinging stuff. Well it turns out that all you have to do is post photos of NTodd's cat, Sam.

Let the hits roll in!


flory said...

You have to do your own photoshopping though.

Stealing from TKK just doesn't cut it.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous said...

Spocko, I can't see the cat. Is this like the Emperor's new clothing?


8:01 PM  
The Kenosha Kid said...

Dammit! You stole the picture of Sam that I stole from NTodd! I call copyright violation!

8:26 PM  
Anonymous said...

nice cat!

9:26 AM  
ellroon said...

Definitely. Post Sam and they will come.

8:57 AM  

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