Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I weep for America. I hope for America.

I wanted to believe that people could see through the President's false Christian act. That they would see the underlying vengeance and hate that is in no way Christian.

I wanted to believe that people would see through the lies that the War in Iraq was NOT a part of the war on terror no matter how many times Dick Cheney claimed it was.

I wanted to believe that people would understand that the big corporations and rich people didn't care about their welfare, their health or their future and that for all the talk about the economy getting better it was only getting better for the rich.

I wanted to believe that the media would finally stop simply repeating the Republican lies and deceptions and feel that "I did my job" when they simply ran the Democrats talking points, instead of searching for the truth and then challenging the lies.

But mostly I wanted to believe that people would stop living out of their fears. I know it is easy to do and it feels right and comfortable since the political parties have learned the mantra of fear and anxiety from marketing and advertising. A frightened populace doesn't think. A frightened population wants to be protected. A frightened populous will concede hard fought for liberties for an illusion of security.

I love science fiction and I love time travel stories. I think the reason is I love to think, “What if?”. I also like to think how can we change the future? How can we persuade people? In the movie Sliding Doors you got to see the two possible futures and clearly one was better than the other. If we could see the consequences of both futures the decision would be obvious. We can't do that with today's technology, but we can with our minds.

We need to visualize a better future for all, even for the ignorant; for they also are "the least of our brothers". They aren't very knowledgeable and they live in fear and hate. The project their own fear onto whomever is the target supplied by the fear mongers. I can get angry at them, but I also have to pity them.

If I didn't have to live in the America that their narrow-mindedness has wroth, I could laugh at them when it all comes crashing down. And when it comes crashing down, I don't want to say "I told you so." but I want them to know from whom and from whence it came. I want them to see who did this to them. I want them to see how they were fooled and lied to by the people who said they were protecting them. They need to know who is responsible for these economic problems. I don't want them to be deceived anymore. They got everything they wanted. They have their illusion of control, but it came at a bitter price, through a denial of reality and a hiding of the truth.

When the veil is pulled off, they need to know that it is not the “liberal elites” who are behind this. It is not the democrats that wanted these policies and programs. This all came from their failed president and his administration and all the things they stand for. And then we can say to our chastened awakened brothers and sisters, "Now, let us fix the problems and get American back on the track our forefathers and mothers set us on. One of truth, liberty and justice for all.


Anonymous said...

Amen. It's going to be a long cold winter... that will last four years.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

And I weep for your cluelessness, Spocko. And make no mistake about it. You ARE clueless. Those on the left usually are, when it comes to doing what is necessary to keep our nation free. Those of your ilk never seem to "get" it. Nor do you ever learn from history. Your party has been on the wrong side of every such issue that I remember. You are a political moron, and I thank God every day that the grownups are back in the White House. You Libs simply cannot be trusted with our nation's security.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous said...

"You Libs simply cannot be trusted with our nation's security."

Who was in office when we were attacked? And 9/11 has a lot to do with Bush's friends (if you've actually SEEN AND PAID ATTENTION TO FAHRENHEIT 9/11. And don't come talking shit to me about the movie if you have NOT EVEN SEEN IT! I am getting EXTREMELY FUCKING SICK of conservatives talking shit about something they have NOT EVEN SEEN!)

Also, the Muslim world and the Texas world (post-Bush of course) are mirrors of each other. Both are insanely prideful. Both are horribly ignorant. Both are hateful and distrustful of anything that rejects the notion of themselves as being the apex of civilization. Both allow large segemnts of their populations to live in unspeakable filth because of their lack of even the most basic standards of human decency. The men of both cultures hate women. They are in a perpetual state of religious hysteria, on one side Islamic, on the other, Christian Fundementalist. Both sanctify ignorance and intolerance through their respective religons. Both depend on violence to support their narrow view of the world and pummel non-believers into submission. Both are incapable of accepting objective criticism and using it as a tool for self improvement. Both are incapable of making lasting contributions to civilization. Neither produces great writers, academics, musicians, architects or original thinkers. Both vitiate the idea that advanced societies are destroyed by the worst elements, however fractional, within it. Both, but especially Texas, debase the idea of human dignity and essential human freedom and self respect. One finds little excuse, but arguably compelling reasons, for Muslim extremists. Texas, on the other hand, shares free and open borders with what was once the greatest country in the world. How could it have been so uninfluenced by the greatness of America?

9:07 PM  
spocko said...

Well said, anonymous at 9:07.

I especially liked your analogy with Texas and Muslim.

"Both sanctify ignorance and intolerance through their respective religons. Both depend on violence to support their narrow view of the world and pummel non-believers into submission."

I found this comment interesting.
What is especially telling is how so called Christians would say that they aren't being violent, yet they allow the self proclaimed Christian President launch unwarrented wars. This disconnect between their precieved sense of self combined with their fear of the other allows them to sanction violence at the same time they are calling themselves pro-life. Frankly this mental trick is astonishing to me. I see it as a real failure of the Christian leadership. They Christians should have been out there protesting the Iraq war in record numbers. They should have been appauled with a man who says that God speaks to him directly and told him to invade Iraq. Who does he think he is? An old testament prophet? Because the God who wants to kill in an act of revenge is NOT the loving God Jesus speaks of in the New Testament. If you tell the Christians not to use the old testament or Paul to justify their war, they can't do it. THEY retreat into secular arguements for the war. It is facinating to watch.

My question to so called Christians "If you are really pro-life why aren't you pro-peace and pro-"life in prison instead a death penality". Instead I see tem as pro-revenge and pro-death penality.

They will split hairs talking about the innocent, and the evil, but in the process of punishing the people they feel are evil (and granted some have done some very bad things) they also allow innocents to die. How is this okay?
And as you said, they are not being self reflective about it.
This administration has figured out that they don't get ANY points for telling the truth. They don't get any points for admitting a mistake or having any intellectual or moral shame. They just bully on through and deny, delay, defame and then re-position.

11:05 PM  

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