Saturday, September 11, 2004

Follow the bouncing blogger theory

Here is what to notice from September 10th"The Note" by ABC News staff.

The infrastructure of the right-wing media influencers have a hierarchy.

The process of getting an idea in the media is the equivalent of following the money.

I often wonder how you can stop these distracting ideas in their tracks or at least have a source to refute them that the press can read in a parallel timeline so the ideas don't get legs. So for every wacky Free Republic idea is there a blog or blogger that will beat it down because it is a stupid bogus idea? Will the press read that blog before they run with wacky Freeper news?

Based on this timeline for this story we know who reads what and which ones need to be targeted to debunk quickly before they move up the chain.

At 8:00 pm ET Wednesday night, CBS News does the story on Bush and his National Guard service. . . . at 11:59 pm ET (8:59 pm PT), the documents come into question via a poster named Buckhead on the Free Republic Web site. Here is the order from there to ABC:

1) Free Republic
2) Little Green Footballs
3) Powerlineblog
4) Spacetownusa
5) allahpundit
8) drudgereport
9) weeklystandard
10) Fox
11) AP
12) ABC

From the rabidly partisan web log the "loon font theory" story got to the "respectable" AP in 10 easy steps. (I'm hesitating to call AP respectable, is this the level they have sunk too? The hops might even be fewer. It might have been LGF passes to Rogerlsimon who laterals to Drudge with a final hand off to Fox.).


Susie Dow said...


You asked over at Atrios about flight records.

There's a guy who runs a website with the serial numbers of aircraft. Constantly updated. Guy really has an amazing site.

I've searched the T-33's, TF-102A's, F-102A's for anything with dates of around 1971-1972. Not much there.

A number of aircraft went on to become 'displays' with no real info on their service histories.

To go further, the tail numbers of the aircraft Bush flew is needed. So far, I haven't found those numbers recorded or mentioned anywhere.

4:01 PM  
spocko said...

Thanks Suzie Dow!!!! I'll check it out. I have an email into another guy who tracks plane crashes.
Might be interesting sleuthing.

8:21 PM  

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