Friday, September 24, 2004

Do NOT question the Emperor!

Check out this clip from the Bush Allawi speechifying with 3 questions tacked on at the end so they could give the illusion of a responsive president. Oops, someone didn't read the script that says, "Do NOT ask real questions! If the president doesn't answer your question just sit there and fume. Insolence will NOT be tolerated" Go to 27:44 and watch Bush's answer and especially the response when the NBC reporter, Gregory, had the GALL to ask the question again, after he evades it the first time. Bush is an Emperor. "The look" is at about 29:17.

There were other things that came out of this "Steno Sue "news" conference", John Kerry made a nice ad out of it. Check it out here.


Ron Brynaert said...

Cool blog.
Long live the new flesh.
Why Are We Back In Iraq?

10:39 PM  
ellroon said...

Does everyone have to subscribe to CNN to watch CSpan videos? I can not get to the sites except by Real Player, and I am always blocked by CNN demanding that I sign up. Any other way to view?

11:20 PM  

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