Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Fall TV schedule in Iraq

"Who wants to marry an insurgent?"

"Ahmed Millionaire"

CSI: Baghdad

My favorite Mullah

Mohammad's most wanted

Buffy the Terrorist Slayer

Gomer Pyle Jr., USMC,
(This time it's personal!)

Have RPG, Will Travel

I Dream of Jihad

The Lone Army Ranger

Men Behaving Badly: The Abu Ghraib story

My Mother, the Tank

Burka Junction

Survivor: Fallujah 

Touched by an Ally

From Mena at Eschaton:
Everybody Loves Ahmed
the Al Hazmi Factor
That 80's War
Amputation Tonight
Munitions Roadshow
um, Just Shoot Me
and of course, Big Brother

From Brent
My Mullah, The Car

Let's Make a Hostage Deal  (Let's Make a Deal for Hostages)

What's My Weapon?

Wait Til Your Mullah Gets Home!

My Three Hostages

and my personal favorite 
Bowling for Dinars


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